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#38999 - 06/02/10 12:32 PM Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned?
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Fred is a tough macho brute with a six-pack who talks down to women and oozes confidence.

Ned is kind, respectful and thoughtful, but somewhat overweight and lacking in confidence.

Who would you go for, Fred or Ned?

P.S. I already asked this on MCoS and Yahoo Answers. Let's see if it can get any more intelligent responses here.

P.P.S. No reference to any Freds here was intended ;\)

#39003 - 06/02/10 01:52 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
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 Originally Posted By: Meq

Ned is kind, respectful and thoughtful, but somewhat overweight and lacking in confidence.

P.P.S. No reference to any Freds here was intended ;\)

Why is it always about the slightly overweight fellow who lacks confidence? ;\)

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#39007 - 06/02/10 02:29 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: ta2zz]
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I think id go for batman because he is so cool.
he don't need powers. he got his gadgets come to think of it bruce wayne is another version of james bond.

#39010 - 06/02/10 03:21 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
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Stereotypical, a women shall choose for Fred.
A women who only has the information given by you shall also choose Fred for the unconscious decision he might be the man with the best genetic code for an offspring.

In reality I am pretty sure a women will ask more information and find out more about both persons, altough I suspect Fred will get a slight preferation due to the reason as given above. It will also depend on the preference and fetishes of the woman. (I know some girls who actually like men with a little belly..).

Just a little speculation, yet I assume its more or less correct reasoning.


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#39014 - 06/02/10 04:55 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Dimitri]
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Weeelllll, y'know...

I'm not all that buff and Mr. Universe looking and it hasn't stopped me. In my 60 years of life I've had well over 100 women and no complaints. Women respond to men who are confident, well spoken, clean and a bit "off the beaten track."

Sure there are women who go strictly for the looks. There are guys like that too. But if you have confidence in yourself and don't worry if you get shot down once in a while, you'll find you will do alright for yourself.

Babe Ruth at one time held the record for most home runs in baseball. He ALSO held the record for the most strike outs. The lesson is, if you take a swing, you might just get the hit.
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#39015 - 06/02/10 07:10 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
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Ned sounds like someone who sucks way too many golf balls.


Sorry folks, private joke that I couldn't resist.
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#39017 - 06/02/10 07:37 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Asmedious]
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Am I the only one that finds it funny that all of the replies to a question posed to the women of this site have been made by men?

There are women who like assholes, there are women who like pussies (both figuratively and literally) and there are women who would prefer a man somewhere in between. From my experience I think the most important trait that women desire, as Jake has already mentioned, is confidence. It is also important to be mindful that the confidence does not turn into arrogance; though there are women who do like a little arrogance.

Me, I prefer women who are submissive in the bedroom but assertive in every other aspect of their life. Intelligence and a sense of humor is a must. Looks are also important but a women not looking like Mila Jovovich is not an instant disqualification. So long as she doesn't look like Janet Reno or Oprah.

On a completely unrelated side note; I just noticed that Oprah is not flagged by spell check but Mila Jovovich is.
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#39038 - 06/03/10 11:16 AM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
William Wright Offline
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I’m not a lady, but if the genders were reversed and Fred was Francine and Ned was Nancy I’d go with Nancy. Confidence is certainly important, but not at the expense of common decency. Francine’s “my way or the highway” take on life would drive me crazy.

Nancy, on the other hand, has a good foundation in place. She sounds open to ideas, and thus she could probably be nudged in the right direction. Confidence comes with success, and with some loving support perhaps Nancy could become more attractive and self-assured without losing her sweetness.

I’d give Nancy a few months and see if there were any improvements in how she saw herself and wished to be seen by others. Then I’d make a decision whether to keep the relationship going or move on.

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#39120 - 06/06/10 06:42 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
Anne Offline

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I will be the first woman giving an answer then..


Fred would make me worth less then I am..

Ned would not be able to step into character when needed..

I for one won't settle for any less than perfect. Not perfect in the meaning, but perfect for me.. Someone who will show me that he is not afraid to love me, and never will let me doubt the love.. Someone who will be my strong man when I need it, someone who can help me in my greatests needs and be there for me without hesitation.. Someone who will laugh with me and be joyful and teasing to keep our realationship young..

Too much demand? Guess thats the reason im single ;\)
There is no heaven, there is no hell, except here on earth.. - Anton LaVey

#39141 - 06/07/10 04:15 AM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Anne]
cadfael Offline

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Are you fucking serious.where the hell did you come from.oh lite the cigar, put on the best, and let's dance. I never danced to a love song.

That's it. You're officially warned. One more strike and you're on the fast train out of here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

#39143 - 06/07/10 04:52 AM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: cadfael]
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She is serious. Most Satanic women take their choice of partner very seriously. They are not about to waste their time on some loser who can barely write or speak English.

Satanic women are very demanding, we want what we want. We don't settle, and refuse to be second best in any relationship.

I would add to her list, they must be able to hold their own in a fight, intelligence, humor, loyalty, honor, and mutual respect.

If a man can not add to your life or the relationship, then he will pull you down, and no amount of love will save it.

So, I have agree with her, I am just, if not more demanding.

Fuck it, I'm not wasting my time, so I am single too.

Courage Conquering Fear
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#39156 - 06/07/10 01:04 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Morgan]
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Too frigging right, Morgan! My last eight years in female mode were spent celibate (and yes it was by choice, any fool can get a shag) and were very calm and productive ones. I'd had enough of shiftless, pathetic, egotistical-with-no-justifiable-reason, self-serving, closet misogynist basket-cases posturing as adult men. I'm now with someone who is a best mate as well as a partner and we've seen each other through some damn hard times in the last couple of years 50/50. The right one or no-one is my motto. If you fear you own company, find out why and do something about it.
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#39962 - 07/04/10 09:11 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: felixgarnet]
Dakota Offline

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Ned, I will take every penny/resource he has until he is down poverty road. The man lacks self confidence, so based on inferiority disorder, he will try to out compete to gain me since I am young and physical attractive. Most of all, he probably never thought he could gain any woman's love, so I would live with him while I work in (whatever city) so I won't pay rent.

His body image is no concern for me, since I am not with him for his looks but for his resources.

Now I will date Fred, to see what he can give me, and if he has any successful friends/offerings/whatever. So he can talk down to me and call me, "You dirrty dumb slut, shut the hell up!!!", then I would be like, "Fred no, don't call me that I love you!", then take his wallet (figuratively speaking)

But at the end, if he does have some resource I could take, then I will leave. Since I don't care about his hot looks, I just love myself.

SO depending what they can give me, either both or none. And both at the same time as well, and more.

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#39966 - 07/04/10 09:54 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Dakota]
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Heheh, nice, very nice Dakota.
I guess any man who is ignorant enough not to see what you're doing to him deserves nothing less than a lighter wallet and a bruised ego.
To love a stranger, one's love must be cheap

#40000 - 07/05/10 09:03 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Wake]
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If I had a vag I'd pick Fred just because my name is Fred and Freds are fucking awesome!

To not be a one-liner: HI!
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