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#40213 - 07/13/10 08:45 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Anne]
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 Originally Posted By: Anne
I will be the first woman giving an answer then..


Fred would make me worth less then I am..

Ned would not be able to step into character when needed..

I for one won't settle for any less than perfect. Not perfect in the meaning, but perfect for me.. Someone who will show me that he is not afraid to love me, and never will let me doubt the love.. Someone who will be my strong man when I need it, someone who can help me in my greatests needs and be there for me without hesitation.. Someone who will laugh with me and be joyful and teasing to keep our realationship young..

Too much demand? Guess thats the reason im single ;\)

Yeah, I've been that guy in like all of my previous relationships, and every girlfriend I've had went fucking crazy. And if they didn't go crazy they got pissy for me wanting to spend time with them. I reckon by the 7th (?) 8th (? I've lost count) girlfriend you start figuring, it's not them it's me!

#40410 - 07/17/10 10:46 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: Meq]
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Evolutionarily, women have the instinct to get impregnated by Fred (the alpha male with superior strong genes) and form a relationship with Ned (who will make a good, caring father and devoted husband). I'd do the same; marry Ned, but screw Fred... and make Ned watch. ;\) Chances are, a character like Ned gets off on that sort of thing.
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#40445 - 07/18/10 04:02 PM Re: Ladies, who would you go for? Fred or Ned? [Re: XiaoGui17]
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I am a mixture of Fred and Ned. I am not muscular and toned, although I can get the 20 pull ups for max points on my PFT. I am confident, but am in no way an ass, until I have to be. I am ambitious enough. I'll make my opportunities or take what's there, but I won't unfairly trample all over my competitors. Also I offer lots and lots of love, but no money. I have no money. Oh, and sex skills. Those are important too.
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