Not to advertise the station, but to answer some of the emails I have received from 600 Club Members.

Why isn't Dark Ryde a streaming station?

When planning for Dark Ryde, people told us that they liked the ability to listen to their favorite shows when they wanted to, rather than on a specific time schedule. So, the station became "on demand." This simply means that it can be what you want it to be. If you want it to stream, just open the player and let it run in the background. If you want to hear Reverend Bubba's Blues Review at 3:22 AM, you can select that show. If you want to hear Jake's Time Machine while you're in the shower, simply select it and get wet. It's the best of both worlds.

When is the music updated?

It's scheduled to be updated by 12:00PM Saturday night, Central Time (US). The shows will run until the next Saturday night, giving everyone a chance to listen to them all. If there is a delay, the reason will be posted in the Forum, if possible.

Do you have to be a member of Dark Ryde to listen to the music?

No. If you want to listen to the music only, just go to the player at Dark Ryde Radio. If you want to leave a note for your favorite DJ or add to something in the Forums, you do have to be a member. Just go to Dark Ryde Forum and register. Once approved, you can post. The DJs like to hear it when you've enjoyed their shows!

Are the playlists posted?

Yes. DJs generally post the playlists for the music they play in their individual show Forums.

Can I request music?

Yes. You can make a request to your favorite DJ for a song you like. Please take the individual show format into account. For example, you wouldn't want to ask for Reverend Bubba to play Black Sabbath's FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS on his Blues Review program, but you could on his rock show. DJs do not HAVE to honor your request, but if they can fit it in, they might... cash is a good incentive, or the transfer of automobile titles.

Where do you get your DJs?

A Dark Ryde's DJs are all VOLUNTEERS. They donate their time and their skills simply for the pleasure of presenting the music they love to those who love to listen. Give 'em a listen! I think you'll find they do a great job and present a wide variety of musical choices.

Thanks for letting me take this space to answer a few questions all at once, rather than individually. Saves me time and might just answer someone's unasked question!

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