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#39325 - 06/14/10 10:15 AM The Satanic Witch - A Question
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Can someone explain to me what La Vey is referring to in the last lines of his book when he mentions the "Final Solution"?
#39331 - 06/14/10 02:30 PM Re: The Satanic Witch - A Question [Re: James]
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Probably to his Pentagonal Revisionism.
La République ne reconnaît, ne salarie ni ne subventionne aucun culte.

#39332 - 06/14/10 08:40 PM Re: The Satanic Witch - A Question [Re: James]
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 Originally Posted By: James
Can someone explain to me what La Vey is referring to in the last lines of his book when he mentions the "Final Solution"?

Quite obviously this:

 Originally Posted By: Anton LaVey to Michael Aquino 10/24/74
Herr Politische Leiter Michael A. Aquino
Aussendienstelle Santa Barbara
Kalifornia, Nordamerika.

Dear “Mike”:

You must be joking, ha ha, but of course when you made mention to my Frau regarding politische Partei. How gets by you such an cuckoo ideal I have a trouble to fathom. You, as well as myself know that suchkind of thinking is nonsense of the first Wasser. My friend, when der Tag comes, then perhaps we entertain a thought or perhaps two thoughts. Until then, it is of the utmost importance to put aside this madness.

Of course and most reasonably, we will continue in the development of our most needed functions: Abwehrpolizei, sites for future Konzentrationslagen, and but of course a finely appointed Salon Kitty such as Heydrich had in Berlin for the joy of senior officers.

I might add, as matter of fact I will add to this the extreme impotance of elimination of all non-Satanists by humane means. I have some new and worthy experiments in the rear end of my mind in which instance many non-Satanist “volunteers” will be useful. So much for sonderbehandling.

At any rates, you are possessed of a grand imagination when you make a suggestion of politische Partei. I have bet your Fraulein in Sommerland would have ein good belly laugh if she could hear of such ridiculousness. We are a peaceful Volk, wanting only that the Welt bow to our domination. If the good peoples want us to provide Politik for them, they will ask. In the means while we let them hit each other and steal purses and get rapped in parks. Maybe after some time they will ask us and then we can provide politische solution. Until then, please my friend und Brüder, excuse my typewriting [my Sekretär is tied up], and keep a cold head concerning politische Partei.

Ewiges Satan,
Anton Szandor LaVey
Satanische Reichsführer
Michael A. Aquino

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