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#40319 - 07/15/10 11:52 PM Re: A Very Short Writing on Religion [Re: Dakota]
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 Originally Posted By: Dakota
That answer the question?

I guess since you were banned, it answered the question for anyone who may have been as confused as you.

You just cant play hockey on a football field and expect to score nor win the game.

Good luck on your path...


Apologies for being off topic.
We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams. ~Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

#40466 - 07/19/10 12:39 AM Re: A Very Short Writing on Religion [Re: ta2zz]
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And why did you assume I would want to read this garbage? It may had been an interesting essay to someone who believes in this type of religion.

Let people pray to the God(s), but don't persuade them from changing their views. It's their freedom to believe in their saviors.

Everyone, cow-tao to dotard Master Losel.

If you want to pick an arguement, you should put more reasoning behind your rationalizations and comments rather than just complaining unfiguratively about posts. The primordial way of pointing a finger with saying: "Your wrong" went out...a long time ago. Put something that's worthwhile to read such as positing justifiable points, so that others who read it can cull from their own knowledge and experiences. And, watch...we will grow.

You don't like how I philosophize. Well, you don't need to have intellectual acumen or possess dialectical subtleties to philosophize. That is just a stereotype. You don't have to be old; have a long, white beard; and, sit all day long in a rocking chair sipping tea either. Case in point, those who occupy the lower half of the "bell-curve" form actions that leave quintessential and indelible marks on society. But, you do need other accoutrements in order to philosophize: 1)Penetration into the realm of imagination, 2) An inflexible Will, 3) Insight into one's self-nature (what's innate to oneself), 4) Seeing the Truth as synthesized in the whole being of oneself. The list is by no means exhaustive, and it's not to help you. It's not even to show you how one remains steadfast, and argues from an illuminating view. It's nothing to you.

To bad we can't get physical, and fight until one of us dies. A thing that is limiting us from engaging in a brawl is the internet. But, I'm ready...
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