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#39538 - 06/23/10 10:10 PM Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup!

I thought members may find this interesting.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stood down this morning just prior to a party room vote on his leadership.

Rudd has been replaced by Deputy Leader Julia Gillard, who now becomes Australia’s first ever female Prime Minister.

Rudd had made a number of small blunders during his time in office, but the catalyst was his recent attempt to introduce an additional tax on the Australian mining industry.

This tax was resisted by the industry and the big boys who run it. Rudd found himself with his back to the wall as the mass media came out against him and his popularity began to plummet.

Gillard was approached by party faction leaders and labour powerbrokers who had withdrawn support for Rudd leadership.

Rudd had stated that he would fight it out in the party room, but the vote was not necessary as Rudd realised he had lost significant party support and didn't have the numbers.

Rudd stood down this morning and Gillard assumes the prime ministership in a bloodless coup.

The smart money knows how the game is played. Rudd actually assumed that the Federal government is the pre-eminent national power, but this is untrue. Government is just one organisation among others and is there primarily to assist in the smooth functioning of business and to maintain economic conditions to encourage investment.

Kev took on the big boys and now he has to wear the consequences.

#39544 - 06/24/10 05:30 AM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: ]
mmatraus Offline

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We as a people would like to think that our goverments run our countries but in reality it is the media that decides who runs the country. They have the power to sway the masses for or against and freedom of speech allows it in this country. That and the fact that most people are in such a rush any more that they do not take time to think for themselves.
As Earl Pitts says "WAKE UP AMERICA." I guess that goes for other countries also.

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#39545 - 06/24/10 06:25 AM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: mmatraus]

Yes that is well said I think.

I really feel that every citizen should read works like Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman. The DVD is pretty good stuff as well. One may disagree with Chomsky's politics, but the work does arm or enlighten the average citizen.

It was a strange day for Australian's. Rudd out and than Gillard sworn in by the Governor General at 12.30 and then in parliament to front up for a heated question - time which was of course televised on the large commercial networks.

Gillard is giving signs that she will compromise and work with the mining industry. I can't believe Rudd would risk himself so blatantly by taking on the mining industry. I actually like the guy, but sheesh...

It remimds me of what happened to Stanley Melbourne Bruce in the late 1920's when he attempted to demolish one of the sacred cows of early Australian federation - the Commonwealth arbitration system.

Bruce got his ass kicked so hard by the Australian electorate. Well this time the sacred cow was mining and the business community and Rudd's own party dealt the blow.

The problem is that Rudd was doing well when he started. He really was expressing the mandate of the Australian people. He was a breath of fresh air after a very stifling conservative government.

Everybody wanted the public hospital and school systems looked at and wanted more environmental responsibility shown and Rudd was working towards all these things many felt.

Gillard wants these things as well I assume, but the opposition has rightly pointed out that the government are in for a tough time because they now need to raise adequate revenue to meet their obligations and promises and the mining tax looks like it is going to fall over. Where's the financial beef to come from?

Anyway the election is just a few months away and Gillard has a very tough job to keep this government in power.

#42243 - 08/22/10 07:16 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: ]

Here is a brief update on the Australian political scene.

On Saturday Australian’s voted in the federal election and the result was less than impressive.

The outcome of the election has not yet been decided and will probably take another week before all the postal votes are counted and the whole thing is resolved.

Basically Australia could be looking at a hung parliament. This ridiculous situation is summarised below:

The House of Representatives

• There are 150 seats in the House
• The Labor Party has won 72 seats
• The Liberal/National Party coalition has won 70 seats
• There are 3 seats which are still so close that they are still in doubt and the counting still continues.
• There are 4 independents and 1 Green party member in the House.

At this stage it looks that the Julia Gillard led Labor party may retain government, but she must make a deal with the 4 independents and 1 Green party member.

However, the Liberal/National party headed by Tony Abbott may be able to do the deal with the independents and Greens and get over the line.

The Green party member and one of the independents will probably work with the Labor party. The other three independents, however, appear to be right - wing oriented and will probably work with the Liberal/Nationals.

The 3 undecided seats are of course crucial to the game. At this stage I believe Labor will lose at least one of these seats. The coalition is apparently leading the race in all three seats.

It is a nightmare. I can’t see how anybody is going to govern and produce the goods in this situation, particularly if Labor loses one or two of these undecided seats. I feel that Australian’s will need to vote again and soon.

This is a strong rebuke of the Labor party and Gillard. I think people are a little pissed off with the way Rudd was disposed of. Labor sustained heavy losses in my home state of New South Wales. They lost seat after seat here and there were swings against many of their candidates all over New South Wales and in the other states.

People are also annoyed with the amount of money slipping through the governments hands at the moment. If the Liberal/National coalition had have had a more popular leader than Labor would have been ruined.

#42252 - 08/22/10 09:12 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: ]
felixgarnet Offline
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The UK thought we were about to have a hung parliament this time around. As it stands, we technically have a Liberal Democrat/Conservative Alliance but they are simply unable to work together. Their visions, policies and methodologies are miles apart. As soon as one member of this "alliance" suggests something, the other shoots it down. Add to this the gaping class divide between most members of each party, I cannot even imagine where we'll be this time next year.
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#42309 - 08/23/10 06:20 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: felixgarnet]

That sounds like a dodgy sort of situation Felix.

From what I understand Australia has not had a minority government supported by independents since the Menzies government of 1940. History bears out how that particular war-time government faired - it was broken and Curtin ultimately stepped up and took over.

Apparently there are something like 900,000 postal votes involved here. It is these votes which are holding up the final result from the election. They have to be collected and counted.

Both Labor and Liberal/National are doing all sorts of fast talking, ass kissing and dealing to get a government together.

Ha ha, a silly situation.

#42376 - 08/24/10 10:01 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: ]
Knievel74 Offline

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It seems to me as if Kevin Rudd's power went to his head and he got bitten in the ass for it. I wish that would happen to more political leaders.

I wish Australia luck with the situation.
"Man was meant to live, not just to exist". - Evel Knievel

#42377 - 08/24/10 10:19 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: Knievel74]

Yes Rudd made some mistakes, but what is worrying here for some of the public, I think, is the way a prime minister has been removed from office by his parliamentary colleagues and by the labor party machine rather than by the Australian public, and just before an election as well. It is done though and Labor has to wear the consequences of it.

The Sydney Morning Herald, which is probably the best morning daily newspaper in Sydney now has the breakdown of seats as follows:

House of Representatives

Liberal/National coalition - 72 seats
Labor - 71 seats
Greens - 1 seat
Independents - 4 seats
Undecided - 2 seats

It is so goddamned tight and there is plenty of dealing being done.

Also the Senate is controlled by the Greens. They hold the balance of power so it will be tough for the coalition should they manage to build a government.

There is also something else happening here - the Governor General's reputation is being called into question in snide ways by the media. It is a shallow attempt at muck raking. Hmmm, let the games continue and let the cheap dogs eat.

#42765 - 09/04/10 11:20 AM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: felixgarnet]
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As soon as one member of this "alliance" suggests something, the other shoots it down.

That is awesome! You mean that you now have a govt that is not constantly melding with the people? A govt that can only possibly agree on the most obvious and glaring issues? How can we get that?
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#42870 - 09/07/10 06:56 PM Re: Australia's First Female Prime Minister - A Coup! [Re: ]

Here is a final update on the debacle known as the recent Australian federal election.

There is finally a result and we will once again have an Australian federal government. I won’t go into all the wheeling and dealing done and the foolishness involved. Here is how the numbers have finally worked out.

House of Representatives

Labor – 72 seats
Greens (will support Labor) – 1 seat
Independents (will support Labor) – 3 seats

Liberal/National Coalition – 72 seats
Independents (will support the coalition) – 2 seats

Labor therefore can form government because it “has” the minimum 76 seats needed.

The coalition all up “has” 74 seats and therefore misses out.

I still think the best move would have been to go to another election, but if they think they can get the job done then…

I assume the whole thing will be signed off by the Governor-general today sometime.

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