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#39607 - 06/27/10 10:35 PM Word Power
William Wright Offline
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This topic has probably already been covered, but my brief search yielded nothing so I’m going to throw it out there. One thing I’ve thought about quite a bit lately is the power a single word can have in shaping one’s outlook on life. For instance, the Temple of Set is focused on the word Xeper, which as many of you know means “become”. Therefore, the quest of ToS initiates is to become better (whatever that may mean to him or her) throughout life. Anton LaVey was partial to the word Indulgence, and many Satanists identify it with Satanism.

Although several words have resonated with me, currently the word that speaks most to me is Discipline. The word is a constant reminder that I cannot allow laziness of thought or action to rob me of the rewards of facing my challenges head on and overcoming them. I’d like to know if any of you identify with a particular word and why.

#39621 - 06/28/10 03:36 AM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]

This is a good thread Will and opens up some avenues.

I can appreciate Words such as Indulgence and Xeper, whilst acknowledging my still limited and yet evolving understanding of what these Words mean when they appear and how they appear.

I have not brought forth or uttered my own magical Word, that’s for sure – I honestly don’t think I will be able to do this for some time (if at all) and only after a great deal more insight and clear understanding of being – in – itself and being – for – me.

I am glad a Word like Discipline moves you.

My own thinking - regarding a magical Word - which may disclose a way of being, of a mode of thinking or perceiving may move within the horizon of dialectics and history; or history and genealogy; or politics, power and subjectivity.

I am trying to understand the essence of Satanic thought and I feel the way forward may come from a consideration of Dr. Aquino’s introduction to The Satanic Bible:

‘After long years of research and experiment, he (LaVey) pronounced the guiding principle of Satanism: that the ultimate consequence of man lies not in unity but in duality. It is only synthesis that decides values; adherence to a single order is arbitrary and therefore insignificant.’

Good thinking should arise as a result of the clash and strife of interpretation. It begins when that which is held to be absolutely true has had its antithesis revealed.

The thinker is not one, but two – animal/human, natural/cultural, conscious/unconscious etc. etc.

Good thinking is a type of process of sorts – it is tested, constantly worked on, and is dialectical in nature. It is subject to time and references the real.

I dislike people of blind faith because there is no antithesis, there is no doubt, there is no pendulum swing. The values of those of blind faith do not arise as a result of existence and situational imperatives, of an empirical morality, but as something frozen and handed down. There is no test by fire – no fight – no sweat involved.

Anyway enough: If I ever do come up with a Word than I feel it will come about as a result of the above thoughts.

#39628 - 06/28/10 10:59 AM Re: Word Power [Re: ]
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Matthew, thank you for your response. Duality as you (and Aquino/LaVey) explained it struck me as a powerful concept, one I am likely to ponder for awhile. Indeed, rigorous testing and debate and careful consideration of all arguments are the proper way to move forward, but trying to explain this to religious fundamentalists can be like talking to a brick wall.

I know that Xeper and Indulgence are considered by many to be magical words, and I do not mean to diminish their importance in any way. This thread is not necessarily about magical words but simply words that resonate with people. The word can be one that someone has explored for years, or it can be one that he or she thought about a couple days ago while cutting the grass. I simply want to know what word or words have been of particular interest to the readers and why, so that I may think about things (like Duality) in a way that I hadn’t thought about before.

#39631 - 06/28/10 02:15 PM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]
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This is interesting and I might be going slightly off-topic. One of the things I took to heart from LaVeyan Satanism was this thought on duality as explained above. However I strongly dislike the dualism word. To me it has come to, more often than not, mean opposing forces where in the end both strives to destoy the other.

I believe in a polar dualism where both exists but are part of the same thing. Its a like the path is bth the path up and the path down. The top would not exist without the bottom etc. You cannot change that and should not strive to change that. So in a way I regard things as interconnected, which some could identify as "the all is one", but the manifestation is manifold. I believe in the world as basically ever changing and in this it is a unity but this chaos (metaphysically speaking) manifests itself in patterns and dual relations.

Anyways sorry for that off topic stuff.

I never reflected much on words in my own life until recently and I have come to understand that the word that could describe my own philosophical search since the beginning has always been "question" or "to question". This I have generally found to be a great way of gaining knowledge and keep an open mind. However I have also seen the negatives in that I recently have felt a great desire to find things that I do not have to question at all times. To find a strong sense of belief in a concept outside of the question one.

Its like searching for a platform to stand on after having drifted on the ocean. Sometimes you need to stand on something stable and rest. The ToS has its magical words Xeper, Xem, Remanifest, Runa etc) and the CoS has its principles (not as actively propagated for in single words but they are still there - indulgence, Atheism, elitism - even though the latter is something I have yet to see from them).

I think the balance of the two is of utter importance. You can not only drift and you cannot only stand safe. You need both. If you just drift forever you wont accomplish anything and if you stand stable all the time you wont change at all.

Although I have never had a word choosen by myself to live by the word "question" is only a concept made up after the fact of how I have lived my life until now. I think TS has a good word with "discipline". To many people take freedom to mean to be lazy but instead they should take advantage and be disciplined and do something with it.

#39633 - 06/28/10 02:21 PM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]
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Defenestration: the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

I have been stuck on that word ever since I learned it a few months ago. I like to pepper it in to casual conversation sometimes It is also funny to threaten someone with defenestration and watch the look on their face as they try to figure out what that even means.

So far the most powerful word I have discovered is not a word at all but a sound - the sound of a shell being racked into a shotgun. That never fails to cause everyone in earshot to stop what they are doing and pay attention.
No gods. No masters.

#39642 - 06/28/10 06:34 PM Re: Word Power [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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I've never had any "power words" but more like "power phrases". Being an artist, I'm surrounded by some of the most insecure people on the planet. The reason why a lot of people get into the arts is because they need attention. They were either ignored as a child or abused as a child and think having their name in lights will make it all better.

I was attracted to the arts simply because I loved music and wanted to do it for a living. That being said, I like to surround myself with quotes from different artists who've become successful who've also inpired me.

If anyone doesn't mind, I'd like to share a couple.

One quote is from a fictitous character but inspiring, nontheless:

"I may not always succeed. But as long as I fail on my own terms, I've won". - Paul Stanley of KISS

"(I want) the world, Chico. And everything in it". - Tony Montana

"The word "no" is just a hurdle. You gotta jump over it". - Garry Marshall (TV Producer)

"Instead of being a painter on the Brooklyn Bridge or work in the Lincoln Tunnel and suck in all that carbon monoxide, I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight". - Evel Knievel

And a personal favorite:

"If you get in my way, I'm gonna steamroll over you". - I forgot who said this, but it's a great quote. In a crazy sense, you can actually say this to yourself, because as we all know, we're usually our own worst enemy.
"Man was meant to live, not just to exist". - Evel Knievel

#39643 - 06/28/10 07:51 PM Re: Word Power [Re: Knievel74]
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I would say that a words mean nothing unless they hold some sentiment to those that use them.

For me the word “TRY” has always been of use. In any situation I find myself in that I’m uncomfortable with, I take a breath, close my eyes, and say the word. Perhaps this is simply a practice that takes advantage of slow breathing and mental reassurance, but hey ho, it works for me.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is, go to your “happy place”. Weather this be a word, a scene from a film a painting or a book etc. Envisage whatever you need to. Coping with stressful or unpleasant situations normally requires an “escape”, better that be a phrase of an fictitious moment than a drug.
"Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell (1984)

#39644 - 06/28/10 08:58 PM Re: Word Power [Re: Knievel74]
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The time of "becoming" better is Now. The All of everything is happening and existing right now. There is no other time. Every seed has a gestation period. For example when sperm and egg come together it takes about nine months for these two pieces of genetic material to become independent of the womb as youth. We know the approximate amount of time it takes to create a human child because it has been observed for as long as human babies have been born.

Then it takes another 18 years, on paper in USA, to become an adult human. The lineage of penis and vagina becoming an adult human is a process. ALL this process is happening now. This is nothing new to anyone human.

The point I am trying to make is that all of human experience is happening right now. There are some human experiences that "we", as humans, bleeding the same red, know are more favorable than other experiences. I would rather make-love to a beautiful woman than get hit by a bus and lose a limb or two. Most people would agree with this simple analyses of sex vs. getting hit by public transportation.

If you were to add up one second for every human on the planet, some 6 billion and counting, into a volume of "time" it it roughly 190+ years of human experience every moment. That's two full life times of experience every second.

Only the individual can "become" better than itself, over time, by comparison to itself in the "past". Any person can point their finger at another person and proclaim some form of superiority and say to themselves, "I am better than that person because...." You fill in the blank there is Always someone that appears to be worse off if you chose to think about that.

I am not sure if I better than anyone but I am damn sure I am more comfortable with myself when I learn and apply anew in the pursuit of things I Love & Desire most.

I first came to Satanism 06/06/09 when I found a copy of The Satanic Bible at my favorite book store. Remember the day well because I had just gotten layed and wanted a new book. I was looking for a book I could use.

There She was wearing Black and Red. My only disappointing factor was that the store could not get the Bible in hardcover. Read the Book while walking home and Fell in Love with the content. I made it hardcover a few days later.

I have learned more about; myself, life, love, "good" and "Evil".
I have since honed my rituals and enjoy them deeply. I know I am better than myself five years ago. My family hates the fact that Satanism has made me a better person in public. Or whatever the fuck "better person" means to them.

All I k-now right now is that I am "becoming" whom Eye truly Am.

Bless the Darkness,
Andrew Micheal.

#39645 - 06/28/10 09:57 PM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]
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Xeper means "I have Come Into Being" it is represented by the scarab and signifies the TOS Khperian Understanding of spiritual manifestation. It is part of an Egyptian mantra.

The Egyptian form of High Vibrational Magic is called Heka and deals with Words / Vibration / Resonance.

Languages and specifically Words in our time, are for the most part no longer magical and no longer carry any weight per se.

The word Discipline is a Word that the musician/artist Robert Fripp Uttered sonically into Being. It has far more significance than laziness or procrastination.


#39828 - 07/02/10 09:45 PM Re: Word Power [Re: Oxus]
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Sometimes one can identify with a word out of anger. For me, I have near P.T.S.D. over the word “obviate”. When I was doing my M.A. in 2000, it seemed to be all the rage in academia to use the phrase “obviates the necessity for (such and such).” My introduction to a professor whom I hate to this day, was to be asked to read and present on a book which I can only describe as relentlessly pretentious. A lot of academic authors annoy the hell out of me by writing five times as many pages as they need to, trying to be poetic. This reading which I was assigned takes the cake for that, though. My recollection is of a Magnum Opus of pretentious language. I have never spoken or written the word “obviate” once, until now. When I consider the Satanic sins, I know why pretentiousness is one of them. If I were to perform a destruction ritual on someone for the sin of pretentiousness, it would be that self-flattering bitch whose book I had to endure in 2000. People like her obviate the necessity for the Satanic destruction ritual.

Hey, thank you, this thread was good therapy for me!
"Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what to eat. Liberty is a well-armed lamb"
-B Franklin

#39974 - 07/04/10 11:20 PM Re: Word Power [Re: BFranklin]
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"I'm a revolver", when I am exercising long distances. It makes me think that I am super powerful, and can do anything physically.

"Power", I do not use this word much, but it's what I want. When I think of it, I want it.

"Money", the purpose for the now, since without it I cannot achieve anything.

"Fame", why I exist.

"Satanic Bitch", a recent statement to think that I have so much power that I can get whatever I want on this world.

#39991 - 07/05/10 10:07 AM Re: Word Power [Re: Dakota]
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Money is a great word, one I think about often. It’s something I hadn’t thought about seriously until a few years ago. I guess I thought the subject too boring and superficial. I realize now that by not giving money the attention it deserved, I was setting myself up to struggle financially.

Specifically, my thoughts on money have been centering on two ideas: get out of debt and buy assets. Debt-wise I have a large student loan that I am paying off. In addition to my full-time job, I have been picking up lots of hours at my part-time job to throw money at the loan. There’s no secret to dealing with debt. You just have to hit it hard, the sooner the better.

As for buying assets, that just means buying things that generate revenue – stocks, bonds, property, businesses, that sort of thing. I plan on looking into buying a rental property. I know that this means getting a loan, but of course the idea is that renters will be making my monthly payments for me, preferably with something left over for profit. I know there is much to consider here – finding a good deal and finding a good renter are two things that immediately spring to mind. At the same time, I don’t want to let the fear of such challenges hold me back.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” summed it up well: It is not the love of money, but the lack of money, that is the root of all evil.

#40029 - 07/07/10 01:31 AM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]
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It's a word that comes to mind and has a different meaning for each person who hears the word. To some it's a nasty word and brings on thoughts and images in their mind of abusive sex acts in latex and bondage. To me it's a sexual trigger word and sparks such wonderful feelings throughout my body.

When I hear the word FETISH in any capacity I take a deep breath and take in whatever is around me. It is a word that has become associated with smell and arousal. I use smell a lot in my everyday life and it affects so much.

A Foot Fetish for example (of which I have) drives me nute to see a woman with a tattoo on her foot... my favorite is pumps and sandals with a heel.
Forever in Darkness,

#40034 - 07/07/10 07:59 AM Re: Word Power [Re: Wicked Satanist]
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Words/sounds and images are powerful symbols. They stimulate the mind and the mind stimulates the environment. By using these elements in ritual magic we change the internal and thus the external. I like the word 'weben' ancient Egyptian 'to shine brightly' oh yes...... and I do like the word!
#40035 - 07/07/10 09:54 AM Re: Word Power [Re: William Wright]
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(Nietzsche, Sartre)

This is according to me the basic principle of life. No God, no eternity, no transcendence. This material life is one's only opportunity to be(come) what one wants. Sartre said that "existentialism is a humanism", meaning that "existence" precedes "essence", meaning that men are not subjected to any kind of "determinism"; they are their own planifiers, creators, gods, <insert any other egotic qualifier here>. They are responsible for what they do and no ghost, however holy it is, will judge them.

From there, one can choose to live like a whore, a pimp or an ascet; this is the magic of free will and of the exercise of intelligence.
La République ne reconnaît, ne salarie ni ne subventionne aucun culte.

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