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#40055 - 07/08/10 11:07 AM Re: Word Power [Re: Phobos]
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 Originally Posted By: Phobos
(Nietzsche, Sartre)

This is according to me the basic principle of life. No God, no eternity, no transcendence. This material life is one's only opportunity to be(come) what one wants. Sartre said that "existentialism is a humanism", meaning that "existence" precedes "essence", meaning that men are not subjected to any kind of "determinism"; they are their own planifiers, creators, gods, <insert any other egotic qualifier here>. They are responsible for what they do and no ghost, however holy it is, will judge them.

From there, one can choose to live like a whore, a pimp or an ascet; this is the magic of free will and of the exercise of intelligence.

Not everyone can become what they want to be, since an obese elderly man cannot be a profitable model in most cases. A mentally disabled person cannot be a doctor or lawyer, but they can be a simple worker depending on their situation.

So how much free will do we have, since life does give you obstacles and in most cases it is not in our control. Tomorrow you could wake up with cancer, or lose everything you have.

For the most part I believe in that quote, but life for a certain person will not enable them their goal, no matter how much they sweat. Can you explain the extent of that word when used in that context; a physically/mentally/situational limited person on their pursuits.

#40072 - 07/08/10 03:52 PM Re: Word Power [Re: Dakota]
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An obese elderly man can try to become a model, a mentally disabled person can try to become a doctor or lawyer. Simply because their chances of success are minimal at best does not mean they lack the free will to attempt such a thing.
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#40087 - 07/09/10 05:12 AM Re: Word Power [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Free will does not imply scoughing at natural impediments or evolutions; why should an old wrinkled fat man try to behave like a 20-year-old doll? This is not freedom, this is stupidity and/or insanity. Besides, as 6Satan6Archist6 puts it, the important element is maybe not the goal itself but you're finding ways to achieve it. However, I would add that a certain adequation between a given objective and the individual's natural constraints wouldn't be unwelcome.

Free will and intelligence should be exercised within the "limitations" you talk about; you should of course check how far you can push the limits but you should also take into account the possibilities you have to better yourself and thus build yourself. This is the difference between logic and magic.
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