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#39826 - 07/02/10 08:52 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: NeoZombie]
BFranklin Offline

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Loc: Boston
Although I'm a penniless Ph.D. student (I count my income in NEGATIVE dollars) I put high end scotch at the top of my list. To Wit: Tomintoule 27 year Glenlivet...

(Oh NOW look what you've DONE! I'm pouring a shot right now, I can't help it. What the hell, it's Canada day weekend and I'm taking a week off of my studying, etc.)

Glen Morangie, Glen Moray, (very old) etc.

Long Island (although I'm having a bitch of a time learning how to make a good one myself)

DARK beer - but I can't stand Guiness, it's a fad. Beamish (when we could still get it in Boston) or Murphy's

EXCELLENT flavoured vodkas mom makes (Someone else mentioned flavoured Vodka...we have to talk!)

various Martinis - A family secret is a Lai Chi martini invented by a friend of the family who manages one of Toronto's yuppiest restaurants. She cut her teeth as a bartender at a different one, and she's GOOD!

Anything fruity. (Personally, I'm not fruity, but I have a sweet tooth and love peach, orange, or raspberry ANYTHING.
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#40059 - 07/08/10 11:27 AM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: BFranklin]
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Well, today Iím proud to say that my drink of choice is a 1970 bottle of Glenury Royal.

I saw this bottle in New York of all places, and frankly decided that I had to have it. I just couldnít leave it there...I had to bring it back to the land of its birth...and my house.

The indescribable.

Go on, have a look, you know you want to \:\)
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#40066 - 07/08/10 01:22 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Room 101]
felixgarnet Offline
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Room 101 - I take my hat off to you! You were quite right to rescue this ambrosia from the hands of Americans. ;\)
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#40074 - 07/08/10 05:13 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: felixgarnet]
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Loc: Scotland
A Scot does what one must \:\)

I cant see me saving too many a year, its a costly business
"Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell (1984)

#40641 - 07/22/10 01:36 AM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Room 101]
creativevalue Offline

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Room 101, where in NY did you find this rare whiskey? I enjoy shopping for rare gemstones for social gatherings. Even though I rarely drink, it is important to be a good host. Quality is usually more enjoyable than quantity in items of the kind. It makes an evening special.

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#41045 - 07/29/10 04:18 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: creativevalue]
Lamar Offline

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Loc: Alabama
Goddamn Mad Dog 20/20 right here. That's my shit. Half a bottle of that shit and I'm good the rest of the night. Drummer's drink right there.
#42705 - 09/01/10 12:52 AM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: TornadoCreator]
godkiller Offline

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I'm a jagermeister drinker (usually with red bull-jager bombs-hey I'm in college) for parties, beer (heiniken) with fast food,wine (merlot) with italian food,and malt liqour (four loko) when I'm recording/performing (rap-metal)
#43017 - 09/13/10 08:57 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: godkiller]
Nicholas DePrey Offline

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Loc: Sweden
I make some fantastic mead which I drink from time to time. Otherwise I dont drink much at all.
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#43185 - 09/25/10 04:10 AM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Nicholas DePrey]
daevid777 Offline
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How about box o' wine and a pack of smokes?

Hey, I'm poor right now.
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#47191 - 01/22/11 04:13 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: johnyssmith]
Oxus Offline

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My fave is a Zombie:
Bouga toad (Bufo marinus) which excretes psychedelic oils from it's back
Sea snake
Ground Millipede & tarantula
Mix with Tcha- Tcha seeds (Albizzia occidentale) which will cause pulmonary swelling
Consign seeds
Pomme Cajou leaves
Bresillet leaves (last three from the poison ivy family)

All of this is ground into powder, placed in a jar and buried for two days. Afterwards when dug up: Add DieffenbachiDiodon holacanthusa seguine ('dumbcane' which contains oxalate needles that act like ground glass)
Skin of the White tree-frog
And oh yes......

Four species of the deadly Puffer fish which contain Tetrodotoxin (Sphoeroides testudineus, Sphoeroides spengleri, Diodon hystrix and Diodon holacantus)

Final mixture is ground human skull

Oh wait . . . I meant this Zombie!!!
1 oz. pineapple juice
Lime juice
Orange juice
1 tsp. powdered sugar
1/2 oz. Apricot brandy
2 1/2 oz. white rum
1 oz. dark rum
1 oz. passion fruit juice
add cracked ice & blend, strain into frosted glass. Decorate with pineapple & cherry. Carefully float 1/2 oz. of 151 proof rum on top...... trust me, you'll be a ZOMBIE in no time !!!

#47203 - 01/22/11 09:41 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Oxus]
Asmodeo Offline

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well, sober...
drunk... everything with alcohol its a good drink ;\)
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#47279 - 01/23/11 10:07 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Asmodeo]
BaronVonShankly Offline

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Loc: London
Has to be Hine Cognac, developed a taste for it when I was in the navy and it really sticks with you.
I also enjoy a bottle of Buckfast occasionally. As for beer it's Guiness thats my drink of choice I cant drink larger it has to be bitter.

#47462 - 01/27/11 08:18 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Ricky Ponting]
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If you're banned Ricky, how did you manage to post? Now, that's baffling.

[nig]-ge-na-da a-ba in-da-di nam-ti i-u-tu

#47463 - 01/27/11 08:48 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: paolo sette]
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1. Absinthe. It's a great drunk, with a shitty taste. I like to mix it with Kahlua to cut the black licorice taste.
2. Maker's Mark
3. 2 shots Disaronno, 1 shot Captain
4. Captain and Sprite for when I'm taking it easy
5. Malibu and Pineapple, also for when I'm taking it easy

I really hate beer, although, I haven't had but the supermarket shit and a few others I can't remember the names of. Tequila, too. Terrible stuff.
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#47492 - 01/28/11 09:17 PM Re: Favorite alcoholic drinks [Re: Clicks]
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Clicks, you are truly a man who like throwing up on his shoes.

However, I will give you props for recognizing the Maker's Mark.

While you may not like Tequila, if you are ever in Key West you must try the Slopy Joe's margarita.
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