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#40152 - 07/13/10 02:35 AM Preferred Places to Ritualize
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Under my circumstances I haven't been able to ritualize for some months. My preferred place to undergo ritual is outside, namely in the summertime at dusk. It's very peaceful. We had a hilly field behind a local walmart (haha), there was a spot towards the middle that was secluded by the hills. It was very relaxing to go out there and ritualize or just gather thoughts.

For those who do ritualize where do you gather?

#40176 - 07/13/10 09:04 AM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: Lamar]
Dakota Offline

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In my bed.

Usually after I masturbated, then I would think about my life. And I do my "rituals" there too, I guess, if you consider visualization to be a ritual.

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#40183 - 07/13/10 12:45 PM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: Dakota]
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I don't "do" ritual as such - in the sense of setting aside a particular time and space for magical working. Focusing the Will to self-development is a 24/7 activity for me which would not be apparent to any observer. However, I do occasionally stir up and direct energy for a specific purpose, such as getting work or alleviating a stressful situation. This can be done anywhere reasonably free from disturbance and requires no equipment.
As for Dakota's reference to masturbation; I use this very sparingly as a technique for changing my subjective/objective environment and involve visualization.
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#40188 - 07/13/10 03:33 PM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: felixgarnet]
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I don't do satanic rituals. But I do meditate, a silent calm place with no light, smell or sound is preferable (to me). But few thing can measure up to the feeling you get when your nostrils fill with the scent of raw dirt. Listening to birds doing their thing in the background, and maybe a little river sneaking by.

The first I find is really nice for calming yourself and regain control of body or mind. The latter I find best to set one self into a state of mental absortion. Giving the control over to chaos or whatever you like to call it.

edit: Also, for the ones interested;
1- Wash a set of clothes in water, no soap. Take a shower using no soap or shampoo.

2- Then, go to a forrest or other area where you feel comfortable(the closer the better).

3- Bring seeds, breadcrumbs, or anything you think the birdies might like. Scatter the "food" about 10 m from your designated sitting place. Sit down, and make sure you stay there for "quite" a while. Try not to move much, or make any unneccecary sounds. cellphoned are a strict taboo.

4- Go there every 2 days (bring food), and make sure you don't wear any perfume or deodorant, any new strange smells will scare away any potential "friends".

5- Decrease the space between you and the food with 1 m when the birds get comfortable around you. (Don't give up if it takes a while. The first 3 m are the worst)

6- Enjoy having birds eating from your hands. It takes a while, but is very revarding if u get it right.

My own experiences with these are fantastic, breadcrumbs I find works better. As they don't leave a mess of seed-shells. (or for the darkminded meat for the crows)
Squirrels are curious, but easily scared, if you see one get closer. Don't move! Let him check you out first. And if u give one of them nuts, he'll never forget. Bigger animals like moose or doe are more timid and won't usually go near anything human. Young animals are, however curious and might come in for a peek. Beware! as the mom can be right around the corner and they can get awfully mad.

That's everything I got for this post, hope u like it. ^.^

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#40215 - 07/13/10 09:05 PM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: Simon]
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Just don't be an idiot.
Squirrels can and do bite, as well as transmit rabies.

Otherwise be careful playing in the woods.

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#40217 - 07/13/10 10:07 PM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: Lamar]

I enjoy engaging in Greater Magical (GM) workings for specific ends and also as a means of indulging in drama, self expression and self transformation.

I have a room set aside for GM rituals as I find ritualising to be a very personal process requiring privacy and a place away from the outside world. I also find that I am unable to intellectually decompress in an open air environment, and further, that the tools or objects I like to employ in my workings are best stored and used in an enclosed chamber, along with any specific clothing I may use.

I have very limited experience when it comes to engaging in rituals with other participants. I know that there are 600C members who have been involved in many multi-participant workings in formal grottos or less formalised groupings over the years. These types of workings interest me, but I do tend to be a loner and feel most comfortable that way.

Basically I have a preference for seclusion and that preference tends to dictate my choice of ritual space or environment.

#40293 - 07/15/10 01:38 PM Re: Preferred Places to Ritualize [Re: ]
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My tiny little apartment room suffices for the moment. I usually do spontaneous meditation, but my bookshelf/dresser doubles as an altar when I'm feeling more ceremonial. I also have a special chest for my dagger, candles, censer, personal grimoires, and other tools.

There is also a huge wooded nature reserve down the road that's quite beautiful. Very secluded. I'd like to try some open-air workings, but it's flooded for the past few months due to the wet season. Maybe later.

I'm acquainted with a couple theistic Satanists, but we're not any sort of "group" or whatnot... though I have been itching to try out an old-fashioned Black Mass.
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