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#40274 - 07/15/10 02:46 AM Re: the strong eats the weak, 'til there are none left [Re: Simon]

This is a lair for Satanistís.

There arenít too many places where Satanistís can meet and discuss issues which are important to Satanistís.

The 600 Club is one such place and I donít think members want it fucked around with and its quality lowered for any reason.

This is one location where Satanism is being represented to the world.

Satanism is a harsh, brutal, elitist and self - centred religion and Satanistís generally will refuse to dumb down.

People have to meet the standards Ė water must be allowed to seek its own level.

If you identify as a Satanist then be proud, and take that extra effort to present yourself well.

If you are not ready to present yourself well, then study until you are ready.

An important element of Lesser Magic, in my view, is the ability to present your self well and intelligently and to command attention and hence influence people. This is important in places where your intelligence and quality are being critically assessed by what you write and how you write.

Successful black magicians are smart and mature and know how to show it here at the 600 Club and in the outside world.

#40346 - 07/16/10 02:51 PM Re: the strong eats the weak, 'til there are none left [Re: ]
William Wright Offline
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Simon, I understand that itís no fun being stung by critical remarks. However, such remarks often provide great learning experiences. If someone is being rude just to be rude, someone else Ė usually the moderators Ė will call them on it. But more often than not, the ďrudenessĒ has a point.

The value of a good shock cannot be overstated. During the nine months Iíve been registered here, only a few moments immediately stand out in my memory. All involved scorching replies to my posts. Most of the replies were warranted, and I got a lot out of them because they made such a strong impression. Those replies that I disagreed with, I either countered with my own arguments or simply moved on.

My advice to anyone new here would be to appreciate the forum for what it is: a place where rational self interest takes precedent over everything else, including cordiality. Learn to appreciate bluntness, and you should find that there is much to be gained here.

#40417 - 07/18/10 03:01 AM Re: the strong eats the weak, 'til there are none left [Re: William Wright]
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So you want me to be nice to the weaker to make them strong and rival myself? Fuck that. The people near or above my level got there on their own actions. I can respect them. I see no reason to hold hands and be comforting. The reason I prefer this forums over others is the very fact that the weak are weeded out. I spend most of my existence around a bunch of dumb fucks. It is nice to have a place where everyone isn't completely retarded. Yeah, I know the sting of disagreement around here, but that comes with the territory. I rather a smart person disagree with me and have an intelligent discussion about it than have to explain myself to some dumb fuck that's probably never even read a book.

In this place, you either make the cut, or you don't. There is no sympathy if you can't deal with it. That's how I prefer it.
Even if you're the ultimate evil lord of the underworld, you should always be yourself. Mickey Mouse

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