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#4131 - 02/12/08 04:28 PM Re: USA meet UK, Your intellectual equivelent. [Re: rob_church]
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Rob, don't be so open minded that you get a hole in your head.

You seem to dress me down in the manner of someone with great experience who is speaking from a position of authority. If I might ask then, what is your experience with Islam? Have you read the Quaran? Studied Arabic? Lived in the Middle East? Spoken at length with Muslims?

What makes you so in love with Islam? Why do you put such faith in multiculturalism?

Is this a Satanic position?

I base my positions on direct observation. How about you?
I am the Devil and I am here to do the Devil's work.

#4153 - 02/12/08 08:19 PM Re: USA meet UK, Your intellectual equivelent. [Re: Fist]
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i will always fight that control and brainwashing i have my entire life. not sure it open minded as it is seeing the world as it is
patriotism ,muslim extermist, xian fundys all the same,look at what happened after 911, the hatered,racisism ,the violence on the innocent ,the loss of freedoms,the wars. how is that any better then what the muslims are doing?america is doing the same thing but i bet the death count is higher. all done in the name of patriotism.

if i came across that way ,that was not my intention and i should have directed this not just at you but all extermist patriots on here as their is quite a few oddly enought.i was actually shocked to see the majority of satanist to have this view,so opposed to one form of control,yet embracing another.

on experince you have me their:) you deffintly have mutch more experince as i have never been to the middle east but...i do have the option of being an imparshal observer as i am not from either side, you see the world under a glass ball so to speak and in the ball is all the media fed to you and the patriotism disease fed to you all you life and that the other guy is the enemy in images across that ball you may think your seeing out. but your view is warped as you are still inside it .some muslim guy has the same in his country. i am out side both balls lol i should have worded that better lol but ya i can see both sides
an both sides are just as bad in my eyes both sides are trying to assimalate or destroy the other.

i have no love for islam it is a disease just as xianity, blind faith,and patriotism. your contsant position to defend the white race from the so called invaders stems from patriotism as it is my belif that all racisim does. i just dont see the white race as being that great, no better or worse then any other ethnicty.i dont really put faith in multiculturism i just dont hate every one that is not like me.

fuck yes this is a satanic postion
my position is that neither side is right both are equally wrong.both sides act in blind obediance based on what they have been taught.yet your postion based on what you have been taught is they are the enemy and you are in the right.remeber this in every war the side you are on is said to be the good guys.just as your enemys belives they are the good guys.
when you choices are based on propaganda taught to you and you accept and act on thouse choices that to me is far from satanic.
obediance does not equel satanic thought.

#4163 - 02/12/08 11:23 PM Re: USA meet UK, Your intellectual equivelent. [Re: rob_church]
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Honestly Fist, I think the UK can have a middleground. On this issue Liberal Democrats and Labour both seem to support multiculturalism and thus will allow the Islamic sects of Britain to run everything in an effort to stay "politically correct". BNP wants to force everyone without Anglican ancenstry to either leave or to stay in the UK as an 'honorary guest', which means they remain citizens but without the right to vote from what I can make of the policy. Effectively becomming lifelong tourists. This isn't right really. What they really want to say is "Only White people can vote because white people are better." Really though BNP are not major players Conservatives are the major player against this issue but I disagree on so many other issues that they have that I can't bring myself to vote for them.

The current UK political parties and their power are as follows.

We have 943 people in our government (so each person is effectively ~0.1% of the government) The following parties have the following level of power.

Labour Party - 427 seats (so about 42%)
- They support USA politics, pro-immigration, pro-gay marriage and pro-workers unions.

Conservative Party - 226 seats (so about 22%)
- They support USA politics, anti-immigration, anti-gay marriage and private healthcare.

Liberal Democrats - 97 seats (so about 9%)
- They are againt USA politics, pro-immigration, pro-gay marriage and pro-european merging.

Scotish Nationalist Party - 53 seats (so about 5%)
- They support funding scottish workers unions are anti-USA politics and are anti-european merging.

Unionists Party - 35 seats (so about 3%)
- They are extremely right wing, similar to conservatives but more extreme. They are anti-sex education and extremely christian.

Sinn Féin Party - 33 seats (so about 3%)
- Extremely christian, anti-sex education, anti-gay marriage, pro-socialism.

British Nationalist Party - 23 seats (so about 2%)
- Glorified nazi party. Exceptionally racist.

Social Democrats - 19 seats (less than 2%)
- Take liberal democrats, remove thier spine. You now have the social democrats. They don't have issues... it might offend someone.

Ulster Unionists Party - 19 seats (less than 2%)
- Irish nationalist party. Want Northern Ireland to become part of Eire (the Republic of Ireland).

Plaid Cymru Party - 18 seats (less than 2%)
- Pro Welsh independance, similar to liberal democrats in other respects. Quite anti-English but any other nationality is fine.

Green Party - 10 seats (less than 1%)
- Enviromentalist party basically. Similar to Liberal Democrats in other areas.

Respect Coalition Party - 1 seat (not important)
- Anti-war, anti-USA, argumentative sods that care about nothing but stopping the war in Iraq.

The next general election is comming up very soon. Who would you vote for.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

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