after stumbling upon a post made by Morgan i realized i myself haven't stated my intentions in Satanism not because i was to lazy or anything of the sort, but just because they weren't completely clear...even to me.
this of course led me to give my intentions of Satanism great thought. and after prioritizing my beliefs (philosophical, and religious) i decided to post my "manifesto" if you will.

One of my earliest memories is of my mom being banned from a catholic church in Chula Vista, Ca. for speaking out against the church's dogmatic rules. I don't remember what she said (i'll have to ask her sometime) but i do remember it was after she had cracked open a bible and realized how contradicting the beliefs and teachings of the church and the book it was based on really were.
directly following she became agnostic (although she didn't know it at the time), then jehova's witness, then like 3 different kinds of christian. So growing up i saw different religions and their mindless faith of an imaginary being, i was exposed to everything from people speaking in "tongues" to priest elligedley
curing incurable diseases to people violating others space just to solicit an opposing religion.
all these things made it clear to me just how illogical "knowing" which of MANY religions was right simply by blind faith really was. So from an early age i decided i would rather not blindly believe any religion and instead concoct my own ideas from logic and reason.
the first religion of sort i began to take interest in was Gautaman Buddhism.
Then i discovered Satanism, though i don't recall how.
To this day i don't follow Satanism or satanist but instead admire and use the CoS as a guideline. (or i try to atleast.)
i merely wish to expand my reasoning and intellect in philosophical terms by benefiting off the already organized and thought out system created by lavey.
because it's always easier to start off where someone else left off then start completely from scratch.
comments, criticism, and questions are welcomed and appreciated.