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#40262 - 07/14/10 08:09 PM Your Greatest Sporting Moments!

I just want to take a moment to promote the health giving and restorative benefits of shooting pool in the early hours of the morning, whilst drinking beers and bourbons.

Ideally this sporting activity should also take place whilst listening to ZZ Top or The Doors ‘LA Woman’ or Creedence’s version of 'I heard it Through the Grapevine' on some jukebox. Chain smoking is encouraged either outside in the freezing cold or in the club itself if possible.

Nowadays I am a bit too old for this sort of vigorous sporting activity, but back in the day well…

Please share your favourite sporting moments, either personal or witnessed, and your attitude towards sports in general.

#40263 - 07/14/10 08:43 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
ta2zz Offline
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I remember as a youth I used to like to go down to the local arcade. This could almost be a sport in itself as the arcades were usually in a rough part of town. Of course as a growing child the other kids always seemed much bigger (being older) than me.

But lets get onto the meat and potatoes shall we, the sport of placing of the coins.

Yes the placing of the coins could make or break the evening. To those of you who don’t know the placing of the coins was a way to show you were reserving a spot to play the game. Much rested on not only when you chose to place your quarters or tokens on the screen but how many as well. Depending on the game this act in itself could be considered a challenge to the other player. There was much to be learned as a child playing this sport. It taught you valuable social and people skills.

Funny as I grew from a youth, to a teen to a young adult, pool then became my next sport. But I will always hold the memories of the thrill of placing those coins on a pac-man machine very close to my heart.

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#40267 - 07/14/10 10:15 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ta2zz]
zippadydooda Offline

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I remember about a year ago, my friends and I were having a rather boring day, so we did what we would normally do when bored: go to the park with our tennis rackets and search for tennis balls.

Unfortunatly, we couldn't find any tennis balls, so we started walking back to my house. I lived about a block from the park at the time(I just moved to a new house), when one of my friends had a marvelously horrible idea.

His idea was to play baseball... with anything we could find. Between crushed soda cans, McDonalds toys, hot wheels, and rocks, we had quite a SMASHING time (bad pun intended). Surprisingly, we didn't break any windows or bones. Oh how I do miss living there...
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#40277 - 07/15/10 08:46 AM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
6Satan6Archist6 Offline

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I generally dislike sports, the ones that involve chasing a ball around anyway. Playing them can be fun, sometimes, but watching them is something that never has made much sense to me.

Greatest sporting moment: Getting benched when I played football in eight grade for picking up a fumble and returning it for a touchdown. Apparently the coach thought that what I should have done was take a knee so the offense could take the field. To this day I still do not understand his rationale behind that.
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#40306 - 07/15/10 06:38 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
Lamar Offline

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Ah who remembers hacky sack? We used to play it in the morning in the hallways before school. A prayer group always would migrate to where we were and the hacky sack would more than always wind up in the middle of their circle. Good times. Then you graduate and have to work.
#40422 - 07/18/10 04:59 AM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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This is less a "greatest sporting moment" than a comment about the more body-stressing activities generally, particularly for the ears & brains of the young.

During my time with the 82nd Airborne and Special Forces, I did quite a number of parachute jumps. Military chutes bring you down at about 18 feet/second, which is pretty fast, but not too fast if there are unfriendly people on the ground shooting at you. Anyway, you always hit the ground pretty hard (in a sort of over-your-shoulder backwards-somersault called a "Parachute Landing Fall"/PLF). Done correctly, it prevents you from breaking assorted bones. Night jumps were particularly hairy because your eyes' ability to judge distances is reduced, making the arrival of the ground rather more of a surprise.

However in the second half of my present incarnation, my orthopedic surgeon looked at my X-rays and said, "What the hell have you done to your spine?" Seems that all those impacts were quietly stored up in my skeleton's memory for much later payback.

So the moral of this story is that if you are planning to indulge in any high-stress or -impact sport, talk to a specialized M.D. about it first so that you know how to protect your body from damage. [This even holds true concerning the assortment of machines in commercial gyms, many of which can damage you if used the wrong way (or even used at all)].

That said, I became a distance-running enthusiast back in the '70s, in part because of my occult & intelligence work with Steve Donovan of the Esalen-offshoot Transformation Project, and I've enjoyed running the Golden Gate Bridge when humans aren't jumping off it.
Michael A. Aquino

#40423 - 07/18/10 05:22 AM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
Dimitri Offline

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My greatest sporting moment would be when I was 11 years old and still doing gymnastics.
It was at a final of a junior gymnast contest on provincial level where I almost won the gold medal. I managed to do my salto perfectly, tiger-jump was also done perfect. I only got silver since one of the judges decided that my "tricks" on the metal bars wasn't really that good (actual excuse was the positions of my hands when holding the bar, he said the space between the 2 hands was not big enough). Still received a huge applause from the public and various compliments I should have won.
I stopped gymnastics at the age of 13 since they wanted me to wear stretch costumes. Never regretted the decision.

My position towards sport would be: it's more fun when you practice the sport yourself, at the condition you are hanging out with friendly and good people, then watching it from the sideline.
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#40473 - 07/19/10 08:47 AM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]

There are some tremendous sporting stories listed above. Good stuff!

Has anyone done any lawn bowls? This is quite good, but I tend to get a bit too aggressive when I lawn bowl and that is not really the name of the game from what I have seen.

Taking a long run-up and really giving the bowl some humpty is not appreciated by the owners and caretakers of the bowling club. I like cricket, but combining lawn bowls and a Dennis Lillee type delivery is definitely not kosher.

Anyway so I switched to ten pin bowling years ago and my extra aggression tended to pay off there with a good strike average.

#40480 - 07/19/10 11:01 AM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
Jake999 Offline
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My greatest sporting moment came in high school. The golden-boy captain of the football team was walking through the hallway with one of his girlfriends and threw a potato chip bag down in front of me and said, "Boy, take out the trash."

Long story short. 3 day suspension, with which I made $$$ shoveling snow from sidewalks. He spent HIS 3 days getting stitches, visiting his dentist and trying to convince his girl friend that I'd sucker punched him with my right hook and the various hits and kicks to follow. Might not have made it on ESPN, but in my mind, I could hear GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
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#40505 - 07/19/10 04:33 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: Jake999]
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I think any of these stories are much more amusing if you imagine them in slow motion to chariots of fire.
Especially Jake's. The quiet intro while the trash is dropped and as the fist is in motion the song gets going and the slow-mo begins. Then a victory shot of Jake holding a snow shovel in pride.

I considered the higher energy "y'all ready for this?" approach but decided this one was more amusing.

#40519 - 07/19/10 06:18 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: Jake999]

Jake, that is so priceless and so funny!

I would like to present you with The 600 Club's Sportsman of the Year award if I may.

And the reference made to the Chariots of Fire theme and the whole thing taking place in slow motion is brilliant.

#40527 - 07/19/10 09:08 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: ]
felixgarnet Offline
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Well, you certainly "took out the trash" there, Jake!
I bet that young man was careful what he asked for in future . . .
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#40668 - 07/22/10 10:24 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: felixgarnet]
jesusbeater Offline

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Bar being a too chubby piece of shit at the moment, I fondly look back at the first time I stood on a surf board or the time I threw a guy a foot taller than me over my shoulder and crushed his face with my steel cogged boots in a game of rugby.
However, my fondest and strangest sporting memory is when my wife dislocated my shoulder while she was training for her white belt in jujitsu(not Brazilian,traditional).Previously I had sparred with people ranging from purple belts to people holding several dans and never received an injury, however my wife in all her innocence totally fucking destroyed my and caught me off guard.Instead of being massively pissed off I was, and still and, beaming with pride.

#40695 - 07/23/10 02:06 PM Re: Your Greatest Sporting Moments! [Re: jesusbeater]
Diavolo Offline

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I've been a rock climber and every time I was close to shitting my pants but got over it and managed to get to the top was a fantastic moment. That's the great thing about climbing; it's not only about conquering the rocks but all too often about conquering oneself.


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