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#40340 - 07/16/10 01:56 PM Michelle Obama has a staff of over 20?
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I received an email about this a few months back and have since run across it on snopes.

First Lady Michelle Obama has an unprecedented number of staffers working for her

Snopes does a good job of running down numbers on other First Lady staffers but that's not the part that irritates me.

Does any first lady really need a staff of over 20+? Look at some of those salaries.

An even larger government would likely require even larger staff counts. These are not jobs that help the economy, no government job is. The monetary support for these types of jobs comes straight from taxation of people like, well... me (and you). In business we call it overhead (cost of doing business). Virtually every other business in America works hard at reducing overhead. Only the government, evidently, can sell the idea that more overhead is a good thing.
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#40396 - 07/17/10 01:44 PM Re: Michelle Obama has a staff of over 20? [Re: Fnord]
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In one way I can understand the perhaps reasonable answer of frustration when reading the article.
But then again....

Being married to a President also has some downward points. The hired staff of over 20 (22 people in the article) is in my opinion plain normal and a real must.
While she may not have any official power, she has unofficial and psychological power to the extend she can ruin her husbands entire credibility and career if she even dares to make a small misstep.

These people, this staff, is nothing more then a think-tank to evade such scenarios. They are implemented to make the family behind a president more attractive so they wouldn't form a hazard for eventual problems which can cause a major disruptance.

I think that a staff of 22 people for a first lady is quite normal. It might be a little too much (no idea what the normal staff-amount for a first-lady, let alone for a president, consists). But this number seems fair enough to me.
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#40398 - 07/17/10 03:33 PM Re: Michelle Obama has a staff of over 20? [Re: Fnord]
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Well, unlike other businesses, which rely on consent of their customers in order to receive more funding, and operate under the laws of supply and demand (where the customer is in control,) the government can simply demand more money. It's a dangerous cycle indeed, especially when both political parties are going to tax us to the point of crying. No matter who we vote for, it's merely a matter of deciding whether we'll have a nice blue donkey dick up our ass or a bright red pachyderm one.
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