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#41621 - 08/08/10 09:00 AM A couple of treasures I recently bought

I have just come back from a long weekend away with a couple of new treasures.

I was walking around in a large antique/junk shop and came across two framed original photos of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

The Led Zeppelin photo is a very large one and was taken during the bands tour of Australia during the early 1970's. (It was taken in Sydney.) It features Jimmy Page doing his favourite guitar trick with the violin bow on 'Dazed and Confused.' Robert Plant is also upfront and visible and John Paul Jones can be seen in the background as well. Unfortunately Bonham cannot be seen. Oh well, a great photo though.

The AC/DC photo was taken in 1975 and appears to be some sort of promotional shot for their first album 'High Voltage.' The photo features Scott, Rudd, and both Young brothers standing side by side. All four of them look like they are just 16 or 17, even though Scott was somewhat older than the rest of the band.

Anyway this may not interest you, but for an old rock fan like me they are great. The LZ one cost me $290.00 and the AC/DC was $138.00.

I want to get my hands on a framed Rolling Stones photo from that early 1970's period. I have not found anything like that yet. I do have an original tour guide for the Stones 1972 and 1975 tours of America, though, which are great.

#41623 - 08/08/10 10:09 AM Re: A couple of treasures I recently bought [Re: ]
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Some distant family of the girlfriend claims they had a photo of the stones in their jet playing monopoly with a huge bag of coke in clear view. I don't know whether or not they're full of shit but I'm sure that'd sell for a pretty penny.
#41645 - 08/08/10 03:37 PM Re: A couple of treasures I recently bought [Re: ]
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Sounds like great finds, why didn't you post pictures of the pictures though?
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#41951 - 08/14/10 10:09 PM Re: A couple of treasures I recently bought [Re: ]
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WOW, that would be so cool, that was a sweet find. Expensive but very nice. Iam also a huge fan of rock memoribillia, as well as metal and horror. i have a copy of the original Night of the Living Dead, the Evil Deads and i love that shit!! Nice Find.
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