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The key point here is separatism, the daringly original and separate outlook of the world.

I think most, who refer to themselves as Satanists for the right reasons, already have this covered. I know of no true Satanist who takes the easy road. Doubting and challenging and thinking and practicing requires work and study and an ever expanding understanding only leads to more work and more study.

The LHP is not the easy beaten path, it's actually an amalgamation of individual paths that I would certainly go so far as to call 'daringly original'.

In my view, you're applying your own label to an already known quantity.

As for being a separatist, *I* already know I am separate. I was born this way. I personally try to make sure that none of what you've chosen to call 'the herd' knows who or what I am. It benefits me to develop myself in private, as my income and status is dependent on their trust. Very few are the magicians/practitioners who can operate out from under the veil AND be successful.

Use your 'word wars' sparingly, is my advice or you will become a target and a pariah. Better to quietly evoke change, privately improve and let your product/ethic/whatever speak for itself.

Unless you like being a target, of course.
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