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#41879 - 08/12/10 09:49 PM Self Literature
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As far as I know, we have no policy again the publication of our own literary material. Poetry, I understand, is frowned upon, but Iím yet to see a short story section or long story as a matter of fact, that has been killed. (Correct me if Iím wrong).
So, point to the point, are we allowed to post our own works of fiction here?
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#41883 - 08/13/10 04:29 AM Re: Self Literature [Re: Room 101]
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I don't know if the policy of "no poetry" extends to short/long stories but personally I wouldn't mind if they are included.

I do enjoy reading good books, stories and poetry but the problem is that anything good is seldom posted on forums like these. Before we know it we're flooded by material which should have never left someone's private quarters.
In addition, most of these authors can't handle criticism and treat their writing as if pressed out of their womb, resulting in some serious drama.

There are sites out there that are more appropriate for such material.


#41891 - 08/13/10 09:31 AM Re: Self Literature [Re: Diavolo]
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I fear that, despite having written a little fiction myself, I must agree with Diavolo here. However, I believe there is no restriction on posting essays or links to one's dissertations and so on? Maybe a thread specifically for that kind of input could be created on the strict understanding that not all offerings will be received kindly. ;\)
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