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#42496 - 08/26/10 03:56 AM Re: A look at 'Social Darwinism' [Re: Fist]
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Mmmm, when you put it that way it does widen the gap between the two.
I am knowledgable enough from 2 years of high-school biology to skip the community college I think, but I'll have to give the books you listed a read.

"Most people will never have an original idea..."
Yeah, well I don't think many people even wish to have an original idea, if it means straying from the crowd.
To love a stranger, one's love must be cheap

#42508 - 08/26/10 03:34 PM Re: A look at 'Social Darwinism' [Re: Wake]
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I agree with Fist that social Darwinism isn't the best description ever. Actually it is Darwinian (or natural) selection at a social level.

Darwinian selection isn't some dream people have but a mechanism that is at work at all levels. That what isn't fitting a certain environment isn't likely going to survive in that environment.
You see it work at all levels; ideas that don't fit you aren't going to be represented by you; in other words; that what doesn't jibe with you, you'll likely forget.
At the work floor, those that are not able to do what is needed, will not remain employed very long.
In nature it is more obvious, if you're a lion and you're born with only three legs, you're likely not going to be successful in surviving and therefor not in reproduction.

Of course it depends on how rich your environment is; if a lion only got three legs but the gazelle drops dead in front of him, he will be able to survive and reproduce.

The same goes for our society. If we cuddle the weak and let them survive, they are fit enough for this society and will reproduce. The lower you set your demands, the more fit them.


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