1/2- Box of pasta( any of your choice)
4- sweet Italian sausages chopped
4- spicy Italian sausages chopped
1- cup of chopped onions (any of your choice)
1- cup of chopped red bell peppers
1- cup of chopped green bell peppers
(any-other kinds of peppers can be added if you prefer it)
1/2- bottle of white wine( any of your choice)

Okay lets get started on the cooking part.

Take half a box of pasta and put it in a pot of boiling water.
One another burner bring out a skillet and add the sausages to the skillet. Let the sausages brown then add one cup of chopped onions, one cup of red bell peppers,one cup of green bell peppers, add a pinch of salt and pepper.
Let all of the vegetables soften in the skillet. (this is important because you want the flavors to mix)

By this time the pasta should be half cooked so strain your pasta and add it to the skillet or any pot that can hold the contents you are cooking.

Now this is my favorite part add half a bottle of white wine,give the contents in the pot a quick toss so the whine and flavors are equally distributed, let the alcohol volume cook out and and the pasta finish cooking because of the wine and heat.

When you are done what you will be looking for is for the wine to go from being more like a liquid to being more like a sauce.

There you go its quick, easy and most of all very delicious.
Serve with the plates of your choice along with any wine of your choice. ( i prefer white wine but everyone has there own tastes)

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