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#42706 - 09/01/10 01:08 AM Gonzo vs. Kingdom of Fear
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I was wondering which hun Hunter s. Thompson bio was best,i saw them at a bookstore and didn't have enough time to decide so I left. Will go tomorrow...
#42711 - 09/01/10 02:27 AM Re: Gonzo vs. Kingdom of Fear [Re: godkiller]
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This is like one of those stupid facebook updates. No one cares about those either.

If you have nothing substantial to offer, don't post.

I'm a fan of HST, never read any of his biographies but I've read pretty much every book that he wrote. The Great Shark Hunt is still one of my favorite books of all-time; it showcases his multiple shades of insanity and prowess as a writer quite well.
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#42718 - 09/01/10 04:41 PM Re: Gonzo vs. Kingdom of Fear [Re: godkiller]
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You come looking for buying advice from strangers on the internet.

Both books are available through Amazon for under $11 each and if you spend over $25 (buy a third book) there will be free shipping.

So for $25-$35 you can own both and quite possibly a third. Then you can come telling us which you think best and why. That is my advice on this subject.


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#42719 - 09/01/10 06:49 PM Re: Gonzo vs. Kingdom of Fear [Re: godkiller]
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Gonzo is an exceptional Biography - possibly the closest we'll come to an accurate portrait of the man.

Kingdom of Fear is one of Thompson's works, not a bio... and one of his best, IMO. The Curse of Lono being an all-time favourite.

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