Thanks Drac. By the way, perhaps you are being modest but I think you should mention to the committee that you are a Master in Music. AU I belive?

LOL Yes, that I am. You're close; it was actually from Peabody Conservatory that I graduated with my Master's. Peabody is right in your town, on the mean streets of B'mo. You know, in the nice part, Mount Vernon ;\)

I have very broad musical tastes. While I would love to shred an axe in the style of the best talent of Metallica or Megadeth, that might be a long time coming. I wouldn't mind learning to do some acoustic stuff on a small guitar that is easy to take on a deployment. Yeah, I can see me now, 6' 230lbs doing "Over the Rainbow" on a ukulele in the West African bush.

If you're looking for a small guitar, you probably can't do worse than the Martin Steel-String Backpacker. They also make a nylon string version, which I was unaware of until this very moment.

But seriously, for starters I would probably look at doing some classic American Folk, Blues, and Country - perhaps some Mexican six string.

By classic American folk, are you thinking more Woody Guthrie, or later? Personally, I'm partial to Jim Croce, especially This One. As far as blues goes, I'm not too familiar with a lot of blues players. Robert Johnson was one of the best, but he used a lot of slide, which is an advanced technique. I like John Lee Hooker, too, and I think his style was a little simpler than Johnson's. This appears to be a pretty good beginning course in blues guitar. As far as country goes, you can't go wrong with The Man in Black. Johnny Cash has some great songs that, to my ear anyway, don't sound to be too difficult to strum along to. I'm partial to this one: Thirteen. It was actually written for Johnny Cash by Glenn Danzig, so you already know it's awesome.
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