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#43049 - 09/16/10 03:52 PM More of Anton LaVey on Greater Magic
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"Anton became convinced he was learning methods to harness the dark forces which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable.”
There were little things at first – when he was running late, parking places fortuitously appearing in front of crowded
theaters where none should have been, rare books or other items he had recently been coveting suddenly falling into his
hands through strange circumstances, people appearing who Anton had just been thinking about – as if they had been
summoned. Could there be such an increase in “happy coincidences” or was there more going on than was readily apparent?
When Anton applied expanded formulas to the Magic Circle rituals and began achieving precise and desired effects –
professional advances, unexpected rewards, monetary gain, sexual or romantic satisfaction, the elimination of certain enemies
– it was apparent to everyone involved that Anton had indeed tapped into that mysterious force of Nature. "
-- Secret Life of a Satanist

"LaVey promised no miracles, and perhaps that is what most inspired people to listen to him. “I do not mean to tell you
that magic alone can attain anything for you. If you are a talentless person, you can’t be a great musician just by wishing for
it or working a spell. If you are an ugly woman, you can’t expect to attract a handsome movie actor by magic alone. Magic
requires working in harmony with nature. Bearing that in mind, I can assure you that I have stumbled onto something. Magic
works. I would do it whether people attended the Church of Satan and did it with me or not.” --- Secret Life of A Satanist

"Magic is like a combination lock. If each tumbler falls into place, the lock will open. Seldom are any two locks the
same. Their physical appearance might be identical, but the combination of numbers necessary to open each is different.
So it is with both individual magical working and those who attempt them. Goals may appear identical in nature, and
magicians similar in training and outward characteristics, but there similarity stops.
No one can teach another a combination that is his own, for it would not work. Each person possesses his own inclinations,
his own Gestalt, and so he must ascertain what works best for him. There is nothing intrinsically esoteric about any
combination which will lead to an ultimately successful working unless one considers the keeping of the secret combination
esoteric, for it is literally that. If the truth is to be known, Greater (ceremonial) magic is simply a means of formalizing acts
which in and of themselves would elicit no attention were they to be carried out without ritualistic trappings. Hence a ritual
chamber is necessary to make the practitioner feel like a magician, intensifying awareness of his own potential (if any exists).
Once one understands his potential, reinforcement supplied by the trappings of a ritual chamber can be superfluous. It's only
then when one can get down to brass tacks: the Combination."

-- Devil's Notebook

"Probably the most oft-asked question I receive from practitioners of Satanic magic is, "Why doesn't my ritual seem to
have any effect?"
My answer to this question is invariably, "Because it matters so much to you." Once a ritual has been properly performed,
it should not matter much whether or not you see results, for you have supposedly attained -- through surrogate means -- your
original intent. Having "gotten it out of you system should free you from further concern. This can be likened to an
ambivalent feeling towards sex immediately following an exhausting and rewarding sexual experience.
The surest way of succeeding in cursing an enemy is to find a new and equally questionable enemy immediately following
the curse you have thrown at your first enemy. If you are inclined towards making enemies, this should present no problem.
If not, there are hordes of reprehensible people walking the streets in any community. As potential enemies go, the supply far
exceeds the demand.
Status is always a deterrent to magical success insofar as dwelling on the object of your working is concerned. Always
move on. Never dwell on your desire in dragged-out bits and pieces. Ritualize it out of your system, even if it means isolating
yourself in obsessive and painful seclusion. Burn every bit of desire out of your system, and then, when you no longer care, it
will come to you."

-- Devil's Notebook
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#43084 - 09/17/10 01:17 PM Re: More of Anton LaVey on Greater Magic [Re: Duende]
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Those are very interesting views and concepts however as opposed to quoting books. What would you says is your personal experience with the material that you have learned from?

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#43085 - 09/17/10 01:49 PM Re: More of Anton LaVey on Greater Magic [Re: the earthly duck]
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 Originally Posted By: the earthly duck
Those are very interesting views and concepts however as opposed to quoting books. What would you says is your personal experience with the material that you have learned from?

I posted these quotes for the benefit of those who are "new-er" to Satanism and may hold the unfortunate misconception that ASL did not "believe" in magic.
My personal experiences are irrelevant to this thread.
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#43088 - 09/18/10 12:38 AM Re: More of Anton LaVey on Greater Magic [Re: Duende]
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For those who are new to Satanism, I say READ THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKING BOOK !!!!!!!

Not someone elses cut and paste version of his truth. Satanism is about the individual learning and expanding their own mind, not being spoonfed some cut up paragraphs taken out of context.

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