Well after having been on the Paleo diet since August, I finally got some routine blood work done and wanted to share my results:

As per face value, your metabollically healthy!

As far as eating is concerned, there is a recipe I wanted to share from Bisceglie, Italia:

Bisceglie Ravioli with Cherry-Cherry Marinara: Because this town uses an abundance of fresh vegetables, one characteristic of this type of ravioli is the addition of cherry tomatoes. The pasta (ravioli) and marinara sauce is prepared with graham cheese in fine crumbs. Coat each ravioli in egg whites, place in a bag with breadcrumbs and cook in a skillet with olive oil.

Mmmm. And, for dessert? Wait, and see...

[nig]-ge-na-da a-ba in-da-di nam-ti i-u-tu