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#43356 - 09/30/10 09:39 AM Spiritual pipe dreams
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what are Spiritual pipe dreams is a question i am quite oftenly asked. so what are they. Baiscly spiritual pipe dreams have been happening for eons, its a Christians spiritual pipe dream that they will one day end up in paradise for leading their good lives, same for the Buddhists who simply spend all their lives umming and arring with meditation in the belief that the next life will be better, Why live with the hope that the next life will be better, all because they are not full-filling the life they have? This spreads out to the spiritualist movement of the modern world of where people believe that they will end up in some paradise or believe that they have lived before and will live again be it as a human or not, or even now as some sort of omnipotent paper god!! I believe these all come under the LaVeyan category of spiritual pipe dreams.

funny thing is its usualy the spiritual who ask the question of what they are LOL

#43365 - 09/30/10 04:48 PM Re: Spiritual pipe dreams [Re: deathreaperuk]
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It is an extension of the Marxist observation that religion is the Opium of the Masses. The "Pipe Dream" metaphor arose from 19th Century Opium smoking and the kind of pleasant but ultimately ungrounded in reality sensations and hallucinations that such a practice often provided. One might imagine oneself Lord of the World while your realities was in a dingy drug den surrounded by other poor deluded users.
#43366 - 09/30/10 05:13 PM Re: Spiritual pipe dreams [Re: Prometheus9]
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Spiritual pipe dreams are something I've been contemplating alot over last few months. This contemplation has been accompanied by a degree of prejudice towards religionists because of their delusional tendencies. I have seen it actually divide families, it's saddening. For an example, I knew this girl who was a lesbian, she was a teenager. Her Christian father reffered to her as an "Abomination" and viewed her as lower in his eyes, which birthed hate and bitterness in her towards her father. It angers me that a father would denounce his own flesh and blood over a life to come. I believe that Anton was right when he talked about the masochist (commonly mistaken as the sadist) who stirs up trouble, only to be indulged in vengeance. I believe that one day when that girl is of age she will in turn pour out all of that spite and anger on her father.

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