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#43376 - 09/30/10 09:35 PM The West Memphis Three
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I don't know where I've been the past 20 years but I totally missed this. Three teenagers apparently were convicted of the murders of three 2nd grade boys. The murder was called a Satanic sacrifice. They were charged not on evidence but by their looks. Damien Echols was sentenced to death row. They have gained a lot of support form celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson. From what I've read I support the three charged and don't think that they are guilty. I don't think this country could get any more fucked up.

*couldn't get the videos to embed sorry for posting links

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#43407 - 10/02/10 06:43 PM Re: The West Memphis Three [Re: Lamar]
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The story of the injustice they have endured at the hands of the state of Arkansas has never lost momentum, and in recent months, the evidence in their favor has grown to the point where it's nearly impossible to view this case as anything other than a miscarriage of justice.

We live in places in which nation-states hold power over the life or death of people acting alone or in groups. A nation-state has two aspects: 1) It is a historical and cultural unit with people living together in the same geographical area. Without the heritage of the nation-state, the phenomenal world would soon become a dull and monotonous place. On the other hand, the nation-state is a political unit which holds claim to authority and sovereignty without litigation to prove otherwise. Sovereign states neither know nor practice other rules which have limiting factors (very vaguely put, but if you can think a bit; you'll come up with examples) because they take the basic position of self-assertion or affirmation. Reflected in this is the sovereign state's self-centered nature. Ultimately, this is deadly to life with the wasting of needless lives at others commands and bequests. The possessors of great military power cannot help, but be tacitly recognized. This will continue to be a fact living within a nation-state until the sovereignty is challenged by litigation in the general sense of the word.

I believe that not only each individual, but each larger nation-state must wake-up to the fact that the sovereign nation-state is not an absolute and substantial entity; rather, it is a relative, non-substantial one. By renouncing self-centeredness, a nation-state should recognize that true sovereignty must rest with humankind as a whole. Only when it is possible for sovereignty to overcome its self-centeredness, will a single government having at the forfront as its basis the workings of humankind. Creating a true government of humankind...for humankind.

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#43409 - 10/02/10 10:12 PM Re: The West Memphis Three [Re: paolo sette]
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blah blah blah nation-states yadda yadda yadda

I'm not sure I'm understanding your point here. Are you saying Damien and his pals would have done better in some sort of world court? You may be right; but then again, seeing what sort of shithole culture the judge might have come from, they could have just gotten burned at the stake or disembowelled or whatever without even the luxury of being framed for murder.

But more importantly, the kind of third-world entities that bulk up the United Nations can't even manage their own tiny territories well enough to keep food production ahead of the population curve. Why in HELL would we want to give them any say in running the whole planet?

Attention "humankind": First, lay off the foot-binding or cutting off of noses or whatever cultural traditions you think are more important than having a sustainable economy. Then get the overwhelming majority of your population engaged in literacy and numeracy and similar forms of basic education. Then feel free to have an industrial revolution and get started exploiting our trade deficit.

If you want to be important on the world stage, start really being important. No one can just declare you important and somehow magically undo your cultural insignificance.

As for you, I mentioned that I'm uncertain where you want to go with this. Are you perhaps running for Emperor? If so, while your rhetoric may play well in areas that are poverty-stricken and culturally-deprived, I don't believe that will be enough to secure the position. You may want to consider concentrating on telling us free-thinking hedonists with resources what benefits we can expect from your benign dictatorship or populist regime or whatever you imagine it will be.

This is all well off-topic of course, so I won't continue. Just to pay lip-service to the WM3, here's a link to a nice comic book

in which blind lawyer Matt Murdock goes down there with his big red billy-club and raises some hell trying to sort those country motherfuckers out.

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#43410 - 10/03/10 04:54 AM Re: The West Memphis Three [Re: Aklo]
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What? Have IQ's just 'dropped sharply' while I was away..? Where are the gatekeepers that allow drivel like this to be posted? BTW - Siam was lovely, wish you were there...Hope Nem and Morg are well, you've been lingering in my naughty prayers! moohahaha.
#43437 - 10/04/10 12:14 PM Re: The West Memphis Three [Re: Lamar]
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There are two great documentaries on the incident, trial and aftermath: "Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills" and "Paradise Lost: Revelations". Both are very intriguing and, after watching the former, it is a wonder that they were ever convicted in the first place.

There is a large support network for these three but I doubt if their convictions would ever be over turned. This was a horrible crime and someone had to go down for it. Were they to be let out, the community of West Memphis would have to face the fact that there is still a monster loose somewhere in the world.
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#43468 - 10/06/10 07:06 AM Re: The West Memphis Three [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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(this is personal opinion not fact, so if you dont like it.....)

Despite the despots of the world and the sad state of affairs which allows this - among other seemingly legalised illegalities - to thrive in the silent past, this bleeding heart mentality trying to free people from prison on the basis that the law should not be able to keep them there because one man is making the rules fit his own agenda and all the rest are playing ball for the sake of the ride (see Charlie Mansons case for one example) The WM3 are never going to be freed, they are patsies, end of.
Pursuing the case is a rather unwise thing to do given the track record that 3 'innocent' people have been jailed for nothing more than their looks and a few bits of paper making them fit the description given in the alleged evidence/confession(s).
I do not agree with anything around the case, but it is not my vocation to try and free them, screw that, when you reside in a place where your behaviour is likely to get you in trouble, there is a choice, change the behaviour or leave the area, stick around and behave in the manner which (quite obviously) arouses the annoyance of the local rednecks (read sheriffs dept) then the consequenses are going to be harsh.
Not a nice thing to be in jail, but its also not my problem, so fuck em, i have bigger fish to murder.
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