I'm currently re-reading The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen ( this version translated by William Crosby ), and having just finished "Abel and Cain", thought I'd pass it along here for those unfamiliar:


Tribe of Abel, eat, drink and sleep;
God smiles on you complacently.

Tribe of Cain, you filthy heap,
Cringe and perish miserably.

Tribe of Abel, your burnt offering
Flatters all the Seraphim!

Tribe of Cain, your suffering,
Will it have no requiem?

Tribe of Abel, your crop prevails;
You fatten every beef and hog;

Tribe of Cain, your entrails
Howl from hunger like a dog.

Tribe of Abel, a warm fire crackles
On your patriarchal hearth;

Tribe of Cain, whining jackals,
Shiver in the frozen earth!

Tribe of Abel you swarm and breed!
Your gold, too, will proliferate;

Tribe of Cain, hearts that seethe,
Beware the heavy appetite.

Tribe of Abel, spend your life
Like bugs that live beneath the woods!

Tribe of Cain, you and your wife,
Drag your brood along the roads.

Ah! tribe of Abel your cadaver
Will fertilize the reeking earth.

Tribe of Cain, your work can never
Be rewarded for its worth.

Tribe of Abel, here's disgrace:
The scythe yields to the hunter's bow!

Tribe of Cain, seek out God's place;
From heaven hurl Him here below!


And of course, there's Baudelaire's "The Litanies of Satan", which has been excellently set to "music" by the remarkable Diamanda Galas.