Today there is a march for job creation on Washington DC. I find the name silly but it's the demand that counts. This is the first major demonstration I have missed in about four years and I am very bitter about it; ironically I could not get out a shift for my shitty job.

When the final count is done, this may involve half a million. It's really addressing the disgusting conditions that have come to define life in the USA, so I'm not surprised it would resonate with so many. This will probably be the largest demonstration since the outpouring against the war in Iraq.

Even if you're not a wage-earner (or laid off) and instead you work in a small business, you should see the benefits this would have for you. More people back to work means more people buying your product or hiring your services, more large projects by large companies that you can contract with, etc.

Also remember that creating real quality jobs for anyone raises expectations for everyone. For the past few years everyone has been living in fear of turning into an unemployment statistic. If we reduce that statistic, everyone can expect more on the job. We can begin to turn the service sector into something people can actually expect to make a living from; it's not like your average low-wage employee doesn't create several times the value they take home in pay.

The fact that there is a 10% unemployment rate in the USA, with many "semi-employed" people working part-time hours that cannot sustain their living, and many overqualified -- college grads serving fries -- is a terrible waste. It's not like there is a lack of work in the real sense. We have so much to accomplish -- creating an environmentally sound energy production and industrial system, providing healthcare, education, the arts, anything! Cleaning up the oil spill properly, why not. Space exploration. Bio-engineering immortality. Anything.

There is so much that needs to be done. What a tremendous waste of human potential.
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