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#43445 - 10/04/10 09:17 PM Music . . . where to sell it?
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You guys (gals, sorry Morgan!) seem pretty resourceful and intelligent. Does anyone know of any decent web places to hawk my music? I know the typical poop out there and trust me my stuff won't be appreciated, so a hip occult dark kind of place might work best. My stuff is like NIN meets Persia.

You can here some stuff Here

#43463 - 10/06/10 02:50 AM Re: Music . . . where to sell it? [Re: Oxus]
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Well, if your looking to sell some stuff you can always create a myspace. That's what I'm going to do on my account. I'm going to sell and promote an album I'm recording. I think you can even put up a paypal ordering page or somethinother.

Oh, and theres always ebay.

#43476 - 10/06/10 12:49 PM Re: Music . . . where to sell it? [Re: Lamar]
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If you want to try and sell physical copies the cheapest place to get it printed is Kunaki. For only $1.75 per disc (no matter what the quantity) you get good quality printing, commercial quality CD(not cdr) or dvd, and a legit UPC code(which you need to sell on amazon stores)

There's a also a service called CdBaby that isn't terribly expensive and gives you a lot in one package. Depending on how much you want to pay they do disc printing, digital downloads, webspace, ect. I wouldn't do this unless you already had some small fanbase to sell to though since they're taking a cut in stuff you really could do all yourself with enough effort. That is except they can get your stuff on itunes which only allows stuff from distributors they have deals with so it's something you can't do yourself.

If you don't want to bother trying to sell actual copies (if you don't do live performance don't expect to sell discs) then there's a service called Tunecore that does nothing but get your stuff distributed on the online stores. Ten bucks for a single, fifty for an album. Sounds like a lot but in this crazy music biz world it really isn't.

How to promote your stuff without a live act is an age old question that nobody really knows the definite answer to. Myspace used to be a good tool but the cold hard truth is myspace is dead, everybody's on facebook which is not a good tool to promote music with. I would suggest googling up blogs of similar music interest and sending out messages to them. Something to remember though is that if you get people to really like it then somebody WILL post it free. Don't be angry when this happens. It just will. There's nothing you can do about it. Just remember those downloaders are people that like your stuff and will probably throw down money for tickets for merchandise at a live show (if you can get one together.) Ask any touring band and they'll tell you shirts are better profit than the cds.

Whether it's digital copies or actual discs look up college radio stations everywhere and give copies to every one you can. If they're digital it won't cost you a thing to email a zip of songs. If they're local definitely try to give them a disc. If it's local and professionally printed it will get played.

I would suggest spending some cash in equipment and doing some sort of live act. There are plenty of electronic artists that don't do much more than stand on stage while their stuff plays so don't worry if you feel like there's little actual performance in it. Especially if you get yourself a projector and make visuals, people eat that right up. There's a lot of people that will love basically any act they see in front of them live. As long as you keep your performances appearing professional you'll get shows and as long as you get shows you'll make a little cash and spread your name a little bit.

If you spend a lot of effort and still don't make money don't be too disappointed. The world is embracing the idea of all media being free and that's not going to change any time soon. You can't let the will to make money or the will to be popular drive you. The love for your music and the belief that it deserves to be heard is what you need to go on.

Personally I give my stuff for free and currently don't spend much effort in promotion. When I have something I spend money to make I'll try to sell it.

I know it sounds a bit overwhelming and it can be. The independent music favors whoever is the most dedicated to pushing themselves. If you never give up you'll find your audience but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you choose that path good luck to you.

#44148 - 11/17/10 09:54 AM Re: Music . . . where to sell it? [Re: TV is God]
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I don't really know on which website you can sell music, but is a good website to make some commercial. \:\)
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