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#43666 - 10/17/10 04:00 PM Re: Cellular Telephone Radiation [Re: felixgarnet]
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Seems like down here the new killer was erotic asphyxiation. That would be an embarrassing death, being discovered. These new "technological killers" or "syndromes" are getting stupid. Another one I saw related to telephones was something like telephone elbow syndrome or some crap. Peoples elbow would cramp up due to long talking hours on their phones.

Really? I mean really? Come on.

#43667 - 10/17/10 04:12 PM Re: Cellular Telephone Radiation [Re: XBlackXScorpionX]
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Keeping in mind that cellphones are quite "new" within our world, the debate of being it harmfull is still ongoing.
I know there have been studies in 2000-2001 which said no influence/harm whatsoever was being done. The problem being here is that those studies would only show the influence of cellphone radiation on SHORT term. (Keeping in mind that the big commercial use of cellphones started 4 or 5 years prior those reports).
It is only now in 2010 the first cases of prolonged exposure start to show up. I can honestly say that if you call with your cellphone on a daily basis for very long times that you might face some of the consequences of the radiation on long term.
The effects should be a lot lesser if you prefer to use SMS-functions to stay in contact.

But then again, the very first televisions also weren't that healthy considering the screen being bombarded by electrons to create the moving images. (There was a reason your parents said not getting too close to the screen!)

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