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#43492 - 10/07/10 02:43 PM Southern Baptist against the practice of Yoga
Knievel74 Offline

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I just read this in the news. Apparently, he's against it because it clashes with Christian values:
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#43495 - 10/07/10 03:52 PM Re: Southern Baptist against the practice of Yoga [Re: Knievel74]
Lamar Offline

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This is irrelevant. I don't see how anyone could take anything these people say seriously. These people can't even agree on "faith" much less yoga. It's irrelevant but disgusting at the same time. Every time these people open there mouth I just a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
#43497 - 10/07/10 04:03 PM Re: Southern Baptist against the practice of Yoga [Re: Lamar]
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He's right. The key notion in Yoga, that material transformation can achieve a spiritual transformation, is fundamentally at odds with 2000 years of Christian theology. This doesn't mean that it is somehow "Satanic" or an "Antichristian" activity, though those with a very shallow sense of Christianity will react that way to it. Their inability to see that non-Christian does not of necessity mean anti-Christian does not mean they aren't dead on with pointing out that Yoga is in fact non-Christian.
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