Now, this is a subject I could sink my teeth in, because I am married, and happily so.

As a concept, marriage doesn't mean much more than any serious relationship does. I did get married with my partner for a couple of reasons:

- I love her (not unimportant).
- We get along together well enough to cohabitate (although it's not even mandatory).
- It is beneficial to both of us financially. It also has some social benefits.
- It's another excuse to throw a party every year \:\)

I further concur with what Dimitri says. To my wife and myself the marital status is not that important though. The promises made during the ceremony are more important, however. It's a contract between two people and it's not to be taken lightly.

Sure, we could have decided to do a registered partnership, but the problem with that is that it's not recognized globally. And I would like to be able to take my wife along if I ever have to move abroad for work.
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