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#58852 - 09/05/11 04:40 AM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: AgainstTheDark]
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i agreed completely its not like a movie anymore its like watching a serial of 1.5 to 2 hours of length which i cant. I have seen first 4 parts and left it there.
I use to download movies and watch them in free time.

#58860 - 09/05/11 01:46 PM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: devil is here]
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I haven’t seen SAW 3D (part 7, right?), since the disappointment that was part 5 resulted in my deciding to not see whatever further sequels there might be. I thought SAW had a somewhat interesting premise in the beginning - a psychotic engineer with cancer captures healthy people who are unappreciative of their own lives and sets them up so they must quickly maim themselves before a timer runs out in order to survive.

Unfortunately this interesting premise was never satisfactorily fleshed out, then the producers got sequel fever and turned it into a "franchise" of mindless torture porn with a “trap” motif (not that there's anything wrong with that) - now they've begun portray Jigsaw as some sort of cult leader who manages to recruit escapees from his own personal abattoir and who has manufacturing skills that would put Gilligan's Island's professor to shame.

Despite my swearing the rest of the series off, I did see part 6 recently (Netflix had it on instant streaming, so I figured, “eh, why not?”) Well, part 6 is plenty gory (more so than parts 1 thru 5) – but for me the nauseating parts were its “social commentary”. It starts out with two loan officers being given the famous “maim or die” treatment because, as the recording tells them, they loaned poor people money knowing they couldn’t afford the interest rates. BAAAAARRRRRFFFF! Did Jigsaw drink the Obama KoolAid?

Bottom line: the first movie could have been a lot better and gorier, and the sequels require you to check your brain at the door. The whole of the 7 part series could have been made into one (<2 hour) really good movie as long as it was completely rewritten and had different actors and directors. Just my opinion.

#59390 - 09/22/11 04:21 PM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: Squiddles]
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I enjoyed the first one, but by the third I started losing interest. It got old fast. You can only see so much of a recycled storyline before you're sick of it - it's like they took the same storyline and just changed a few things around to add another sequel.

I enjoy gore as much as the next person, but when it comes to horror it's not about how much blood they can squeeze into two hours. I prefer something more subtle (which is why I tend to enjoy J-horror movies more than slashers).

#60991 - 11/03/11 03:39 AM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: Alex Crowley]
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To be honest, I enjoyed all of the Saw is what it is...but what a concept....actually the first 3 were really good in my opinion....maybe they should have stopeed there....but I really did enjoy the concept behind the plot of the movies.
#61003 - 11/03/11 09:03 AM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: MikeAndsaddie]
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I enjoyed them. Gave Me some interesting ideas.
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#61050 - 11/04/11 10:45 AM Re: The "Saw" movies. [Re: Vondraco]
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Saw got boring after the third. That traps were cool yea. But c'mon. Story line please. And THEN they made one more after 'final chapter'.

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