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Finally if you can find anything 'spiffy' about Nazism besides the ss uniforms, you're pretty much a lost cause...

Well, about those SS uniforms ...

When I was teaching Comparative Politics at the university, I used to startle students a bit by saying that NS Germany was really not a political system at all; it was a 12-year rock concert. Dust gathered on Albert Speer's elegant conference table in the Cabinet Room of the new Reich Chancellery because no one ever bothered to use it. The Führer made policy and issued orders, and progressively-lower functionaries made their subordinate policies and issued orders. Everyone did what he was told.

The problem with personality-driven dictatorships is that they're very brittle, because they're vulnerable to superior-whim, and of course the eventual death, retirement, or removal of the rock star leaves the whole house of cards very shaky.

Remember that NS Germany was around for only 12 years, the last 6 of which were wartime. It really had no opportunity to mature past the rock-concert stage.

This is true I mean one of the few facist dictators to survive the war was Franco, obviously because Spain remained neutral, anyway what happened when Franco died? there was no one to take over from him who was as good as a leader and so Spain was forced to return to a democracy.