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#45133 - 12/18/10 12:42 PM The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera
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In contemplation of the nature of the angel Satan in the context of his role as angel.

Satan was an angel, but only an angel. Satan as an angel can never be the Goddess, who is Lucifera (Diana Lucifera), whose beauty he so much desires, rather Satan was created by the Goddess to serve, workship, and bring about her revelation as Queen of Eternity, the Stars, and the Universe. Satan and Lucifer were created as male, because they can never achieve the perfection of the woman, can never be the Goddess, the creator of life and light.

The Goddess Lucifera, bless her eternal light, is she who created the universe, she who gave birth to the Stars and the Moon, as is so brilliantly described in the Gospel of Aradia.

It is foretold that Lucifera will reign as Queen of the Universe in the Procession of the Equinox. Her reign will come in the Age of Capricorn, the Aeon to follow Aquarius. Capricorn is the Maiden Goat, and as woman, not male, Lucifera will bless the universe as the Goddess Mother and all will worship her beauty.

This sequence is foretold in the Zodiac, and in many other ways including the star of Judaism, the sun of Christianity, and the star and moon of Islam, all created by Lucifera to achieve her ultimate position as eternal Queen of the Universe.

Both Satan and Lucifer are only angels, angels sent by Lucifera to bless the earth, to give mere mortal humans her blessing. As a Goddess Lucifera can not bless mortals, Lucifera needed an intermediary, so she created the angel Satan to give her blessings to the earth.

Satan, and Lucifer, as angels are envisioned in the male form because the male can not be the Goddess, the male was designed to worship and protect the Goddess, Lucifera. They bestow her blessings to all of mankind that all men and women may love and worship her. Lucifer at times has a genderless form repecting his origins in Lucifera. Yet, only Lucifera is Goddess and creator.

It is the angel Satan who will reveal Lucifera as the Goddess of Light and Universe according to astrological constant in the Age of Capricorn.

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#45138 - 12/18/10 01:37 PM Re: The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera [Re: creativevalue]
Dan_Dread Offline

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Wow, what a load of bologna. Do you really think this sort of flakey new age bullshit is going to be well received here?

As all of your other posts, this fails hard. Go spin your delusional fairy tales somewhere else. Nobody here is looking for something to believe, least of all this sort of brain numbing nonsense.

#45139 - 12/18/10 01:41 PM Re: The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera [Re: Dan_Dread]
Diavolo Offline

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Sounds like people trying to get the Witches' Goddess into a new jacket.

I'd prefer to see this only at a "creative writing" forum. I don't mind other satanic views but frankly, this isn't a view, this is simply crap.


#45143 - 12/18/10 02:16 PM Re: The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera [Re: creativevalue]
6Satan6Archist6 Offline

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This crap has no business on a Satanism forum. Take it to a Wiccan one. Those fat tree hugging dirt worshipers might be impressed by gibberish like this, but I for one have grown tired of you and your new-age garbage.
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#45145 - 12/18/10 02:48 PM Re: The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
Morgan Offline

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Wow, you are really trying hard.
First you were writing about being god or jesus.
Then about Mary Magadline being so important to your cult.
Then about Satan.
Now back to a wiccian type goddess with Satan as a servant.
How much more bullshit are you going to pull out of your ass.

You like cults, you write about them, and you started one.
Now you are trying to get converts here.

Satanists have no need to abide by all the limits that you put on your members ranging from food they can eat to when they can have sex.

Hell, dude, you failed.

I don't know why you haven't been banned yet.
Proselytizing by Xitians isn't tolerated, so I don't know why you are.

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#45205 - 12/19/10 12:17 AM Re: The Angel Satan as the Revelation of Lucifera [Re: Morgan]
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Ridiculous thread is locked.
Nothing is sacred.

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