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#46217 - 01/08/11 09:43 AM Re: Satanic Mechanics [Re: ta2zz]
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I like Vegas too. If you look at them just right, they kind of look like a squatty mini Camaro. A decade or so after their release, all the gearheads on my block wanted to buy them and swap out the engine & axles from the Monza as it was available with a 302 v8. Doing so would give them a relatively out of the box quarter mile race car (almost 1000 lbs lighter than Monza). I've only seen one actually done that way, despite the popularity of the idea for a while.

There is a mom and pop looking used car lot up the road from me with the usual late model 'bargains' strewn about. At the back of the lot though there appears to be two '62 chevys, one a 4 door and one a convertible. One or the other might be a '63... didn't look closely enough. Your mention of your '64 makes me want to cruise over there and take a look.

Anyway, I posted an old pic of my '59 HERE.
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#46236 - 01/08/11 01:17 PM Re: Satanic Mechanics [Re: Fnord]
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I had a '72 Vega, a little inline 4 banger, 3 speed. The thing ran like a rapped ape. The first time I had to have anything fixed on it, I was blown out of the water by the dual spark plug system on it. A friend of mine that helped me work on it ended up buying it from me, building the shit out of it (I do believe he changed out the motor and drivetrain) and raced it at Norwalk and Dragway 42 as often as possible. I lost track of it a while back, but last time I saw it, it had become a 11 sec. car.

Fnord, the '59 pic you posted looked kick ass. Around here, there seems to be a huge group that really enjoys their old cars. Just about every weekend there's a car show/gathering at one of the plaza parking lots. Quite a few of the local businesses donate to prizes, etc. Even unfinished your '59 would have drawn a LOT of attention and probably some substantial offers. They love their cars around here.

There's a '66 GTO just down the road from here that's for sale. The car is sweet looking and from what we can tell, there's not much mud in it at all. If someone replaced anything metal on it, they did a hell of a job. It seems the guy that sells these cars, finds them, restores them and then sells them. He's had some beautiful cars sitting out front and when he starts them, they sound sooooo good. He's got a nice collection of his own. Oh, how I'd love to surprise my other half with a "new" car, but right now, that's just not a part of the equation. Plus, the garage has 2 bikes and my car in it. I'm not ready to give up my "parking" spot just yet. Maybe after we move.
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#46349 - 01/09/11 11:16 PM Re: Satanic Mechanics [Re: Nyte]
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Fnord: that '59 is sweet! I love older cars. There's a nice purple '69 Chevelle SS that I see every now and again driving around town. Took some pictures of it. Might upload them sometime.
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