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#45803 - 12/31/10 01:04 PM Re: Brownie points [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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 Originally Posted By: SkaffenAmtiskaw
Why you choose to ascribe to everyone the quaintly RHP notion of caring what others think about you as a person is beyond me. Caring about the ideas of others is useful.

Although it may be somewhat off-topic, I would hold that this is not "rhp," rather it is human nature. I never made the argument you're countering, but in any case, in an anon exchange, the idea is the person.


#45804 - 12/31/10 02:18 PM Re: Brownie points [Re: Jason King]
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Of course caring what others think is a part of human nature but let's not forget there is an opportunistic side to it.

When doing a job, I do care what others think of me, especially those that pay the money. As such, it is in my best interest to do a decent job and have them think I am a nice guy. It of course doesn't imply I really care what they think; I am only manipulating the situation in my favor.

I also interact with a lot of people I despise but they do like me. I do my best to make them like me and invest the required time listening to their sad stories and even giving good advice. At some levels I do not differ much from a social worker but when you look behind that facade, you'd see only one mechanism at work; their money getting into my pocket. Again, caring what others think in a purely opportunistic perspective.

When interacting on-line, we of course do also care what others think of us but again, I do think the why is more important. When taking that video of the biker gentlemen as example (and I do like bikers, I even mostly look like them), many of the people that think great of him, probably do so because he made "fuck you" about fifty % of his little rant. I hardly could care about people that would think I'm great or cool because I say fuck you a lot. Admit, it does't really take much effort to do so.

I'd rather have people thinking good of me because I posses certain qualities or there is some quality to what I do. Most likely people that enjoy it are those having the same qualities or standards. I'd call them peers. And even to this is an opportunistic side; because they share similar qualities, you can count on them to do to you what you would do to them.

Which again is a superb benefit.


#45805 - 12/31/10 05:03 PM Re: Brownie points [Re: Jason King]
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 Originally Posted By: Jason King
 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
Satanism is something I do, for my own reasons. Why the hell should I care what others are using it for?

Why? Because you are here, "caring what others are using it for". And not only are you here, you are actively engaging in at least three other Satanic media as well. Whatever else you want to say about it, that means you give a fuck.


 Originally Posted By: Me, in that same post

Don't get me wrong, I am not speaking against those that choose to educate others about Satanism or exchange ideas or do the philosophy of it in a public way,as I am obviously here too,I just think those that tend to treat doing so as some sort of imperative have missed a very important point.

#47234 - 01/23/11 09:31 AM Re: Brownie points [Re: Diavolo]
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Read a bit trough the entire topic and I have to say I had a moment of "finally" upon reading your very first post D.

What I quite liked to see were some people who already used the excuse of flipping the "I added towards.. and therefor am more then.."-card trying to apologize themselves.

As far as I am concerned, calling yourself a Satanist can be seen as a badge of honour on the condition a person managed to stick towards the ideas and principles untill the final breath. It's also the final line wherein any depth or wisdom can be gained. (What good is it to say you are living a Satanic life and have "tutored" many people in the sinister way if you have plenty of lifetime ahead wherein you can fuck-up anyway?).
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#47243 - 01/23/11 12:21 PM Re: Brownie points [Re: Dimitri]
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But what I don't understand is why suddenly it is almost worn as a badge of honor

Probably because there is some void in them they're not able to fulfill on their own. Needing to define themselves and failing to do it the badge fills the gap...

I'm not a Satanist, I'm Unspeakable!

#47244 - 01/23/11 12:33 PM Re: Brownie points [Re: Dimitri]
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As far as advancing Satanism goes, for myself, it's not so much advancing a cause. But rather it's rational self interest. I advance my goals and accomplishments. As Asmodeus pointed out, Satanism is hard. I am my own worst critic. I know that it is up to me to make my life better for myself. It is hard at times to apply certain principles and methods to better myself. Often times I fall short of that mark. Sometimes I could have practiced a little bit more, or should have put forth a little more effort, or should have watched what I said. But, I can only learn from that.
#47348 - 01/25/11 11:57 AM Re: Brownie points [Re: Lamar]
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Satanism is what Satanism does, I view any work I identify as 'satanic in nature' for myself or labour that I view benificial as a learning curb to 'further Satanism.' I dont necessarily ascribe any objective notion of progression to it but I see it no more unreasonable then the assumption the progression of technology and science will somehow better society.

It isn't a sollipcistic cop out that 'it is just my opinion' persay as I think the 600 club as much as anything else furthers Satanism. In the sense that it is a place for me to trial my ideas and learn something but I do not ascribe altruistic motives to all concerned that they provide this dialogue or this service merely to appease me or anyone else other then their own selves in doing this. So in that sense I would ascribe some notion of social progression of Satanism where a number of individuals are engaged on a particular project they all see some value in.

This does not mean Satanism itself has improved but merely an oppurtunity has been presented to the individual. There was a one liner in a forum post elsewhere.

"The Satanic Movement is staring back at you from the mirror. Enjoy the ride!"

I think that is the most apt basis for describing any function of Satanism. But to describe any activities involving more then one person in most context beyond a social interaction is most probably mistaken.

Other works taken on by individuals be they literary or otherwise that others see value in I would again ascribe the same scenerio of the notion of progress being solely concerned with those that find values in the ideas.

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