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#49343 - 02/22/11 12:38 AM Re: Magister Diabolus Rex Leaves the Church of Satan [Re: The Zebu]
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 Originally Posted By: The Zebu
This is kind of a holdover from the ancient way of magic... the idea of having a secretive "mystery cult" whose rites can only be practiced by initiates and never revealed to the profane.

Of course, it's quite a silly notion to uphold when we live in the "information age", when nearly every occult "secret" is readily available via Google search, and in PDF format.

It's fine to have rituals unique to your own group, but it's quite pretentious to assume that nobody else has the "right" to use them, especially if you're a recently-formed McOrder using the same derivative junk as every other wizard on the block.

I remember coming across a collection of "Order of Phosphorus" grade material online that carried a threat to any who would betray the "mysteries" contained to anyone outside the Order... and of course, said secrets simply turned out to be a bunch of material either pilfered from older authors or cherry-picked from the public domain. Way to go.

Oh yeah, and POST 666! (puts on party hat)

I agree. If anything, the people running the show are simply getting an ego trip out of installing fear into members who aren't obedient. That is typical RHP mind control. Reminds me of Heaven and Hell. ;\)

#49349 - 02/22/11 01:42 AM Re: Magister Diabolus Rex Leaves the Church of Satan [Re: StarlessAeon]
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 Originally Posted By: StarlessAeon

I once belonged to a group like this as well (not Thelema though). They never threatened to sue anyone but insisted only "active members" could practice the ritual. So many groups claim they are "the one true way". In my opinion, that is a trick they use to keep people brainwashed and obedient to their group.

Yes, and it makes them no different than any other church or cult. Whenever a fraternity becomes a 'religion', then claims to be the only representative of and owner of that 'religion' or philosophy, it's time to cut your loses and move on.

It wasn't until after I extricated myself from the cult that I realized it was a cult. When many of my so-called friends stopped answering their phones and replying to my emails I got a major clue.

It wasn't a total loss though. Once the word got out that I left, I started getting emails and calls from EX members! LOL!
I spit on your crapulous creeds.
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#49367 - 02/22/11 09:00 AM Re: Magister Diabolus Rex Leaves the Church of Satan [Re: LucyFur]
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It wasn't until after I extricated myself from the cult that I realized it was a cult.

Similar situation here. Sometimes, it takes a little thinking "outside of the box". ;\)

Enough with the one line posts, you are here long enough to know better. Morgan

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#52988 - 04/15/11 09:46 AM Re: Magister Diabolus Rex Leaves the Church of Satan [Re: Jake999]
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 Originally Posted By: Jake999

Still, he was (and is) a hell of an artist and sculptor,


While i was still in college and still affiliated with the CoS i took 3 friends to NY city for his two day art expo. What he does with steel most can't accomplish with a pencil. One of the best art experiances of my life. We arrived thinking he was going to be an overwhelming force, intimadating and snobbish...but it was quite the opposite. An extremely genuine, polite and greatful artist. He was easily one of the least jaded of most i've met. Most artist are rather tough to get their attention during a showing, but Rex was two feet from you if/when you had a question. The 3 stories of studio had small floors so it was an extremely intimate setting.

We were so impressed that on our way back to campus in Boston we were looking at the flyer and noticed it was a two day event, not known prior. Needless to say we ended up driving back down the next morning, sunday, with 8 more friends. I still have 3 of his signed books and a sword i purchased that i begged him to sign aswell...he was wary on signing it until i displayed my CoS affiliate card.

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#78111 - 07/15/13 08:40 PM Re: Magister Diabolus Rex Leaves the Church of Satan [Re: Jake999]
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From what I understand the CoS is atheistic in its approach. This is why I'm not a member. Though I do respect a lot of what Anton LaVey believed. Rex has also legally added the name NYARLATHOTEP to his name. a study of Lovecraft will show that this is the Cthulhu equivalent of adding SATAN to your name. As Nyarlathotep is the crawling chaos,and bearer of the book of pacts. In Lovecrafts demonology. I have to respect someone that goes that far to identify himself with his ideas. Also Rex believes his orders main work isn't on this mortal plane! Quite an unusual idea indeed!

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