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#46590 - 01/11/11 11:55 PM Rule the Air
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Is it just me or is Verizon's slogan "Rule the Air" resemble the old "Prince of the Powers of the Air?" Indeed Satan is the Prince of the Powers of the air and likewise Verizon "rules the air." I can't express to you the abhorance I have for these smart phones and the masses that play into them. For me they are just a way I can tell "who is plugged in." Mass laziness probed into your $200 peice of iJunk where you can check your social network, spread pictures, and simultaneously watch movies - all on a phone. Even in light of all this entertainment people are still "texting" about a common thing - boredom. What happened to the phone? People hardly ever talk on a "phone" anymore. You have all this unnecessary shit that took the place of the phone. Nevermind calling me, text me or message me on facebook.

How typical it is for those of us who wish to remain "unplugged" to be ridiculed through peer preasure to buy a smart phone. "I don't talk to you because you can't text." Or "Everyone else has the new 4g why don't you?" Surely I'm not the only one that doesn't have a smart phone and everyone thinks is weird. Any one else?

#46593 - 01/12/11 12:17 AM Re: Rule the Air [Re: Lamar]
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I guess you could say the same about the invention of the telephone. Before the telephone was invented, people wrote via mail. When it was invented, surely there were some people who felt the same way; why use it? I'd rather just go see them in person.

Now, texting has become the major form of communication, at least in my generation and experience. Now, you have every right not to "join in", but then there is no room (in my book, at least) to complain about "being out of the loop" with socializing or communicating with people. Almost all of my friends communicate via text messages. If I didn't have texting, they'd probably just assume I didn't want to reply to them or ignoring them and not even bother to call. So, I decide it worth texting as I enjoy socializing and communication with my friends and family.

No on is forcing it upon you.
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