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#46680 - 01/13/11 01:41 AM Satanic Rituals
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hi, im new in the forum, im from chile so srry my english xD , i got a question, and wana know your opinion

Im like 3 months study Satanism, and i wana make my first ritual. In the Satanic Bible of lavey, he show a exceptisism of all divine force, even the satanic ritual show just like a teatral representation, but im not sure if lavey show the magic like something wat its real or not, not in the fantasy way of satan come from hell and do the job, the way from use your energy to change the events in a near future

I wana know your opinion, and some experience doing this rituals

And well, im glad to find this place and thanks for the wellcome in the chat
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#46987 - 01/18/11 02:32 PM Re: Satanic Rituals [Re: Asmodeo]
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I've unfortunately never done any rituals, but I think that LaVey is quite contradictory : he says himself that Satanism is an atheistic religion, believing in no gos or angel, and after he starts talking about lots of devil names. So I don't know what is the version we should listen to...
So my opinion is that magic DOES work, but we must at least find our way to practice it and to control it, because I think practicing magic without knowing it well is quite dangerous...

Good luck for being Satanist in such a Christian country!
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#46989 - 01/18/11 04:09 PM Re: Satanic Rituals [Re: M3T4LH34DD]
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The rituals are not done to worship anyone or anything. They are psychodramatic in nature... they can teach us something about ourselves in the rarified air of the ritual chamber, which is more properly termed an "Intellectual Decompression Chamber." The Satanic names are not so much deities as aspects of human nature to be recognized within ourselves and others.

Re read The Satanic Bible with less of a religionist's eye and more toward finding what it says to you as you evaluate yourself and your individual motivations, values and drives.
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#46996 - 01/18/11 11:56 PM Re: Satanic Rituals [Re: Asmodeo]
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It's all about you. The ritual is you believing in yourself and whatever it is yu want to set out to do. As far as I am concerned you can chant and light candles all day but it won't do shit if you don't truly use the power you have and be the best you can be.. The best I could come up with at the moment.
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#48617 - 02/11/11 12:55 AM Re: Satanic Rituals [Re: Asmodeo]
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Hi Asmodeo,

It might be a good idea to start learning a basic banishing ritual. I always banish my temple before doing any kind of ritual and regardless of whether a person believes that magick is real or all in your head, it seems to have a powerful, calming effect.

Personally, I think it is both real AND in my head. I feel that the god names are archetypes, or parts of my mind. When I demon or angle appears, depending on the type of ritual I am doing, I see it as a manifestation of my mind. But then, I think we all create our own reality anyway.

I have not done any of Lavey's rituals because I usually write my own or modify others to suit my own needs, and can attest to the fact that they are quite effective. And, depending on the focus and intent of the participants, can manifest immediate results.

I live in a predominately Christian area and it has been a challenge to get enough like minded people together to do some of LaVey's rituals, and now that my temple has grown we plan to do just that. I will keep you posted.
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