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As such it is only because there are observers, a specific reality exists.

I think Robert Anton Wilson does a pretty decent job of traversing this road with his ideas about "Reality Tunnels".

THIS is the short version, the longer one is out there somewhere, but I couldn't readily find it.

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When we don't observe, this reality becomes raw data again.

And that's the rub as we don't all observe in the same way. This is why the question "What is reality?" becomes largely unanswerable.

A different question could be "what is the reason that each person has an individual perception of reality?"

Reality having an actualised material existence is only that which is linked to our perception?

We as part of a cosmic design, we perceive a very small amount of necessary raw data. We are no different than ants, deep sea jellyfish, or amoeba's; the less complex organism is experiencing the ecosystem designed for it's sustainable reality. We as humans are flawed because our perception is just broad enough to glance into space both outer and inner, this is where the threshold of infinity begins to blur our perception because we are designed to react within the ecosystem on this planet and nothing more.

Somewhere along the lines, humans began on a path of absurd abstraction and has since been making more and more abstraction, fractal intelligence which serves no purpose but to realise that everything outside of the ecosystem is unnecessary. We can increase our propensity to experience/compile raw data but what is the point other than this abstraction being interesting and at the same time removing us from nature.

DNA is the building blocks of phenomenal life, it has been found in space. Human kind is no doubt inhabiting countless other ecosystems on countless other planets which closely mimic Earth and by setting out into space with "our" perception as the hub, we'll finally find more of the same boring reality. What is the point except to acknowledge what is already there. Instead of reaching out into the raw data which is not necessary to experience we experience less of our natural reality.

For example, look at how finely tuned a wolf pack is compared to the shambling unsynchronised humans walking about who think they are so clever and interesting and vast. Humans abuse consciousness and only perceive infinity because we are designed to live on this Earth as finite ecosystem beings, this is our reality and everything outside of that is unnecessary.

The "cup" is still at home after leaving for work because a "cup" is a formation of raw data compiled by your innumerable likenesses who are also the same existential apparatus as you. All consciousness merges to form the phenomenal reality which is raw data we move through in a limited spectrum.

Collisions are the occurrence of vibrations vibrating at the same level which make the matter solid. We are by design, limited in the way we move through raw data and limited to perceiving raw data insofar as our design allows, we are humans, an apparatus such as a microscope, it can delve into the most interesting details in it's focus but the entire world outside of it's lens is still there and still of the same building blocks as what is in focus. When we attempt to perceive what is out of focus we encounter infinity which is merely raw data which we are not designed to experience.

Visualise an island formed of visible data floating in a sea of invisible and formless data, the island of matter is made of ordered raw data, this data flows from an unlimited disordered sea of raw Chaotic data, and although the data we experience is finite we may take from it what we want. The external does not control the individual, he is both the apparatus and head scientist of the experiment, reality is the raw data being analysed, when the experiment reaches conclusion, the answer for what is reality would be, "that was reality".

So to me reality is ordered Chaos. The implicate order is only the phenomenal form of it's idea which we as humans perceive and with the illusory nature of light who's to trust an apparatus designed to collectively perform a specific function which has nothing necessary to do with what lies outside of its lens focus. We encounter the illusion of infinity, the illusion of space and separatism, the illusion of time. These illusions are all necessary to force our being into focus for no purpose but to exist, propagate and sustain in our ecosystem. Our perception is a feeler for that which is necessary.

We learn nothing but what is already there, only because we are all of the same design do we differ superficially. Our fractal intelligence is synthesising it's realisation and together we fill in the gaps. The Reality tunnel theory states that, with a subconscious set of mental "filters" formed from our beliefs and experiences, every individual interprets this same world differently, hence "Truth is in the eye of the beholder". This to me says "flaw" because the usage of words is not decisive enough, rather we do not experience "differently" but we neglect to experience raw data in entirety being flawed in our perceptions to a greater or lesser degree. Raw data is there, if we were to experience it all, there would be no limitation and thus no causality, no reality as we know it.

Our perception is designed just fine as if we were to look out into space and view everything it would be a solid mass of light due to seeing every star, every particle, even the dark matter reaching into infinity, like looking into and past thick snowfall. We are limited for a reason and this is what makes reality "seem" vast and interesting, really it's hideous particles and energy which is experiencing itself, Most Satanists choose to focus on nature and individuality and this is the illusion that gives us purpose and vitalises us, being in tune with our ecosystem.

I never found anything else to be as bleak and desolate as science. I often wonder why the need to value life exists to advanced scientists, would they not view reality as a hideous mass of particles and realise their limitations are what makes them "feel" unique. Would it not be a dispassionate way to view life making one totally immoral and unloving to humans and all life? Surely human life is worthless matter cursed with consciousness to entertain it with knowledge until the joke meets conclusion?