For other computer retards as myself, I will share a bit of information on something that I am using for the first time.

My internet went down two days ago. I use a DSL connection from the phone company, and as of yet they have not fixed the problem.

Figuring this would be a good opportunity to try something new, I went to the local Radio shack and explained my situation;

ďMy DSL is not working and the phone company hasnít fixed it yet. Could you please tell me how I could magically connect to the internet by sticking a thingie in my computer slot which will then transport me back online, without having to buy other equipment?Ē

Long story short: The guy recommended a 3G connection (I think thatís what itís called).

For some reason itís called a card, but itís actually a wireless plug that goes into one of the ports on the computer.

Some companies like AT&T and Verizion offer the ďcardĒ for free but one has to sign a two year service contract with them there by paying around $60 a month for the service that the ďcardĒ runs on.
Usually the amount of data that one can download is limited to about 5GB. I googled how much that is and itís about 1027 mega bites. In simple terms itís plenty of Data stuff for simple things such as Email and browsing webpages. However the amount gets eaten up much faster if one downloads (maybe even just watches?) Videos.

In my case, I have my consumer credit reports security locked so no one can access my account there unless I turn off the security lock. This would entail that I get in touch with the three major credit reporting agencies possibly paying a $5 fee and using a very long set of numbers that I was given when I locked my accounts. Which of course I never bothered writing down. Duh, because I have no intention of ever unlocking my credit history (Buy it for cash or donít buy it is my view).

Anyway, I was able to purchase a 3G card from Virgin mobile for $75 and at this time can get unlimited internet access for a $40 a month usage fee. However, on February 14th there will be a limit of 5GB set for new users who sign up for the $40 a month plan. After they use the 5Gb up, they will still be able to access the web, but at a much slower speed. This is a ďPay as you goĒ plan so there is no contract involved.

Although I would rather have my DSL. cable back and not have to be concerned about the amount of GBís I use (possibly in the future) the card work just as well as the DSL does, or so it seems at this point.

One down side to the Virgin thing is that the coverage area is more limited then the bigger companies offer.
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