Very excellent post, Hegesias.

Those pretending to be Occultist, or Satanist or genuine Christian Occult scholars (whatever the fuck that means) have deluded themselves into thinking they are mysteriously tuned in with Nature and the Cosmos. They are the same people who have removed themselves from nature, which is the mundane, by creating something very odd in their minds. They deserve to be mocked at their very core.

Nature itself is fundamentally horrifying and incomprehensible. Although this undoubtedly parallels Lovecraft, I mean this in a completely earnest and straight-faced way. (I would highly recommend Thomas Ligotti's "Conspiracy Against the Human Race" for further insight into this idea.) Such people who claim a sort of "nirvana" or "transcendent gnosis" do little more than play head-games based on fanciful anthropocentric models of reality their frail human minds have dreamed up.

In turn, Mythos is a double-edged sword. It can be an inspiring catalyst that takes the mind into new and unfamiliar regions of contemplation. Or it can be made into dogma and institutionalized into a cut-and-dry system that simply becomes window-dressing for those shallow head-games. We all know them; occultists caught in fantasies thinking they have transcended the spheres of the cosmos, traveled to hell and back... but in reality haven't even taken a step out of their own front door.

While such "occult praxis" can be valuable in the early stages of Satanism, they should be properly understood as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

Admittedly, on occasion I find myself so absorbed in theorizing and book-knowledge, that I realize that I never actually 'know' anything until I have experienced that reality as directly as my human experience will permit, even if I had previously deduced that same reality through reason.

People often refer to "mundane" as that which is stagnant, urban, and "socially acceptable". But the term itself means "of the earth", and the apparent stasis of human society in no way resembles the true essence of the world, which is dark, fecund, and turbulent. The 'profane' are merely distracted from this reality because modern society gives them the illusion of peace, and consequently they are unequipped to handle change and upheaval when it finally comes back to bite them in the ass.

Christians can be the worse among these because their dogma is reliant on such a narrow and confining fraction of human experience. Core Christianity has not 'evolved' in centuries; it has merely caved in to outside influences. The calls for traditional monotheism (if such a theological Eden ever existed) will either fall on deaf ears, or create another monolithic tower of cards that will collapse the moment an ontological tremor hits. This is why fundamentalist Christians are so sensitive to Evil as a principle, and are often quick to take out the crucifix and holy water when their tranquil pond of reality experiences the slightest ontological ripple.

On the other hand, some pockets of Christianity have been fertile breeding-grounds for a purer current. Where there is upheaval, dissent, and heresy, Nature is behind it all.

Especially Satanic Churches are something alien to me, unless of course nature is the church, for which then nature ought to be affirmed rather than the Church? Wordplay and mockery?

Truer words were never spoken.

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