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#47637 - 01/30/11 10:59 PM When Anton Lavey Toured?
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Since this is a bit of a history forum I figured it could go here. When Anton LaVey toured for example when he was booked to appear at Halloween 69 Detroit Black Arts Festival where he was sharing a bill with Arthur Brown, Coven, Timothy Leary and Peter Hurkos. Anton didnt make this bill but were these events generally musical apearences with him and his keyboards or were they satanic readings/demonstrations? or both?

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#47638 - 01/30/11 11:06 PM Re: When Anton Lavey Toured? [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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Dr. LaVey did a lot of appearances on TV and other places, but mostly when he would appear someplace, it was to do an interview. I don't recall him ever playing his keyboards in a public event as High Priest of the Church of Satan. He used to play them in The Black House when we would have guests, or when he felt we needed some musical accompaniment, but nope... he wasn't a rock star musically.
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#48021 - 02/04/11 01:04 AM Re: When Anton Lavey Toured? [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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During '69-75 when I knew him, Anton toured around the USA quite a bit for radio & TV interviews, and on a pretty extensive bookstore gig when the Compleat Witch was first published in hardcover. He often did local interview shows while on the bookstore tour, and of course all of the above was paid by the media people.

He also used these opportunities to visit any local Grottos close-by, and they always gave him "honor guard" airport welcomes when he showed up too. [One of his absolute requirements for every such tour was that the sponsor fly him First Class only. I never knew him to ever accept Tourist or Economy.]

Almost the entire Nineveh Grotto carpooled up to see him when he made his CW bookstore appearance in Chicago. He took the Grotto on a great walking tour of "Old Town", and everyone had a wonderful time. Later he and I went up to the top of the John Hancock Center for a nightcap, followed by an impromptu ritual in its observatory. Anton was basically batshit about this building because of its trapezoidal shape & side-designs, eerie glistening black colors, and glowing red horns up top. He was completely oblivious to everyone else in the observatory during the ritual, and did it so unselfconsciously that it was quite clear no one else would think of interrupting him. It was a variation on the Elektrischen Vorspiele, which was certainly suited to that setting. I think if he'd ever hit the big time, he would have done a Howard Hughes and moved into the top floors.

There was also a funny moment. At the bookstore where Anton was doing signings, a woman rushed in, obviously in a hurry, almost pushed him out of the way to grab a copy, buy it and leave. She clearly had no idea she'd just bumped into the author. He just stood there doing a Charlie Chaplin shuffle ...
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#48029 - 02/04/11 05:42 AM Re: When Anton Lavey Toured? [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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It is a shame I never met Anton LaVey.
It is also a shame that nobody in Satanism is doing all that high profile promotion of Satanism in the media anymore. Now "true" Satanism seems forgotten and lost in media terms.
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