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#47831 - 02/01/11 06:05 PM Satanism 10 years forward
mabon2010 Offline

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It is the year 2021.

Now look into your crystal balls and predict how Satanism will look in 10 years time.
Monadic Luciferianism is a philosophy of life centered on self.

#47832 - 02/01/11 06:47 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
Caladrius Offline

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 Originally Posted By: mabon2010
It is the year 2021.

Now look into your crystal balls and predict how Satanism will look in 10 years time.

Here, let me try... I see in 2021 Satanism will be in the state that the Temple of Set is in today! I see 10 years from now that there will be as many Satanists - especially the materialist variety due to probable advance in sciences like QM etc - in the real world and online as there are Setianists in the real world and online today!

#47850 - 02/02/11 12:16 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
Simon Jester Offline

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I do not share Caladrius' optimism. Nor his (?) man-on for Dr. A.
Sorry, C. No hard feelings ;\) .

A decade from now I envision the same few suspects going about the same old business. Different hats. Different names. The song remains the same.

On the up-side, a few of the chronic ORP/bloggers may have expired through malnutrition.

#47852 - 02/02/11 12:37 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: Simon Jester]
Jake999 Offline
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Given that the drugged out, brain dead, self delusional people I see posting absolute bullshit on the web every damned day, unable to use common sense or even the simple apostrophe without screwing up have a snowball's chance in hell of being sterilized, in ten years I see Satanism becoming Christianity light.
Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#47859 - 02/02/11 02:59 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: Jake999]
myk5 Offline

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Well, okay, let me think.
I imagine in ten years the rate of change in terms of culture and environment and economy may become accelerated to such an extent people are full of fear and turn to fundamentalism of various sorts. The true Satanists will, of course, be the very evangelists the masses turn to in this moment of crisis, but the actual Satanism will be very underground with the exception of outlaw gangs that could be effective if they would stop drinking and doing so much crystal meth.


#47862 - 02/02/11 03:23 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
Dimitri Offline

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I see... following discussions in a far future 10+ years from now.

"Gilmore died"
"Oh no, how terrible it is a great loss for the Satanist community we should blablablabla and blablabla..."
(Meanwhile in a possible future form of this board)

A discussion somewhere else
"Long time I heard from 666theblavkjoker666, any idea what happened to him"
"He got married and became more involved with the Buddhist lifestyle"
"But he was one of the greatest minds in Satanism, he was the BIG DUDE over at JoS"..

At the ONA forums
"Blackwood finally decided to go for the liposuction. Satan said to him that he otherwise couldn't fit in the soon to be opening portals from hell and get a blessing from SATAN HIMSELF"
"(Something with fatty of the hill)"

And so on...
Not that much change really unless machines have such high AI and decided to wipe out the human race. Terminus .

Probably the same as it is today. Persons might die and will be heavily discussed about in one place, the others just shrug their shoulders. Certain events like economical break-downs, natural disasters, wars that ended and begun,.. will be heavily discussed and "Satanic" opinions are shared about. Newcomers of the philosophy will still spout nonsense and others will serve them a little gift of digital spanking.

In real life, anybody will probably act the same. Maybe the borders of certain Bible Belts will move a bit in time. Technology will advance, economical situation might be a bit better (or worser) as now. Concerning Satanism; some will still see wearing a baphomet pendant in public as a "sign of individuality and comming out for their religious beliefs" while others have the same stance with tattoos. Some will indulge in grottos/nexions/pylons in their local area and will ask membership to the CoS, FCoS, ToS,.. and probably wave their little membership cards around proudly as if they were "the real deal" while yet others start to indulge in one of the organisations studies, works and available information.

The "old garde" dies off which results in tremendous whining to some, a reference in some peoples life and to others yet another simple shrug of the shoulders.

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#47867 - 02/02/11 06:07 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
Daafje666 Offline

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I must say that I can't be utterly objective on this one, so I'll make it a mix from what I think will happen and what I hope will happen.

In 2021 Satanism is much bigger than it is now, because more people will understand that the down sides of religion are much bigger than the 'up' sides. And accordingly to that, the CoS raises the price of becoming a member and can now be compared to the money making business from the Jehovah witnesses.

Maybe it will hapen like this, and maybe it won't but hey, who knows?
That's why.

#47962 - 02/03/11 01:27 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: Daafje666]
Meatl Gear Offline

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I have to agree wtih Daafje666.

An increase in Atheism (and churches are closing down) means a potential increase for Satanism, the occult, black magic, "luciferianism," paganism, devil worships and all associated ways of thinking.

When people become atheists, they then start to open their mind to other philosophies.

#47969 - 02/03/11 02:29 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: Meatl Gear]
Dutch Satanist Offline

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Satanism in ten years. Shit, I really have no idea.

I mean, how can one know? Of course I would like the diabolical infestation to progress and that in ten years more people will come to their senses and drop this silly religious thing for something more secular, but it can just as well become the inverse. Not that I would want that to happen, and I will try my darnest to prevent such a thing to infest my environment.

Seems to me there is only one way to know; Just stick around, do whatever you have to do, and see what happens.
“There is a beast in man that needs to be excersised, not exorcised.”

#47993 - 02/03/11 06:41 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: Dutch Satanist]
paolo sette Offline

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While Satanism is to be applauded for taking a look at some significant historical and methodological questions, it should be noted that Satanism underlies the social, economic and political capacities of the world. Rather, Satanism expresses a single motivation which is an exposition of the Self. This is gathered through thought that fulfills the identifiable underlying unity as a contemplative philosophy. In this regard, Satanism is critical of approach.

Satanic thinking is understood and appreciated for its philosophical insight that will endure far beyond when all debates have ceased. Therefore, it is unfair to hold Satanism accountable to beliefs the philosophy does not hold. Moreover, to seek to clarify the nature of modernity and go beyond its constraints and limitations from a different perspective is Satanism in a nut-shell.

It boils down to whether insights penetrate and achieve breakthrough that will carry Satanism further.

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#48011 - 02/03/11 10:56 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
The Zebu Offline
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I see Satanism spreading exoterically, becoming more and more of a fashion statement for would-be misanthropists eager to flaunt their "personality" in a culturally bankrupt society that champions mediocrity and conformity in the guise of individuality.

So basically now, except magnified exponentially.

I do, however, look forward to the continuous introduction of fascinating new perspectives and practical forms from the "chosen few" who find their own way on the sinister path.

I think a more interesting glance would be 50 years from now, when Satanism will have been publicly active for twice its current age. The face of Satanism is completely different now than it was in the 60s. What will it look like in another half-century when our rapidly-changing society changes beyond even our current expectations? I look forward to reaching a ripe old age just so I can see how Satanism (and civilization as a whole) metamorphoses.
«Recibe, ¡oh Lucifer! la sangre de esta víctima que sacrifico en tu honor.»

#48059 - 02/04/11 05:25 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: The Zebu]
Dark Beauty Offline

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I agree with The Zebu, my current environment already manifests a disrespect for the cultural, social, and economic struggles of various races through the reduction of these significances in the guise of a fashion statement. Just because Prince Harry threw a swastika armband around his arm and went to a costume party didn't make allowances for the weak and socially inept to do the same in the name of fashion. Nonetheless, this is where we are today.

However, Satanism has already began penetrating minority groups and echoing in the ears of those who simply seek authentic representation and refuse to no longer deny the exploration of the other half of their nature. Perhaps celebs will come forward to claim the baphomet. More bars and clubs will specifically be designed for Satanists to go and enjoy their indulgences. People will no more worry about the stigma attached to this 'label' anymore than they do the stigma attached to wearing tattoos. Teenagers will come out in similar fashion of closeted homosexuality and say to their parents, "Mom, Dad, I'm a Satanist."

Slowly, but surely this day dawns.
"I'm not who you think I am, nor what you think I should be."

#48064 - 02/04/11 06:02 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
6Satan6Archist6 Offline

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I don't know or care how Satanism will look in ten years. I'm more concerned with where I will be. And even that is a little hard to predict. I certainly have my aspirations and goals but there is no telling what kind of curve-balls will be thrown my way between now and then.
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#48067 - 02/04/11 06:24 PM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
Dan_Dread Offline

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Satanism, at least the phenomenon represented by that word, is now as it always has been. The difference is now is has been crystallized into language, which has given it a 'thingness' it may have lacked in our culture pre-CoS.

The language used to describe the phenomenon may change over time, as it always has, but the substance being described will continue unimpeded.

That is to say, Satanism is a matter of classifying something that IS, regardless of that classification, not a result of the classification itself. Human nature is what it is, and I can't see a decade changing what several millennia has failed to.

edit - quickreply to OP, not directed at 6.

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#48173 - 02/06/11 01:50 AM Re: Satanism 10 years forward [Re: mabon2010]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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I seem to be on a roll of "recontextualizing" threads recently ...

Asking where Satanism will be in 10 years is unanswerable, because there are so many variations and stages of that term. At the bottom you have simple anti-Judæo/Christianity (such as the C/S was in its first couple of years). Then you have increasingly more sophisticated variations of this, extending beyond religion to society generally, and simultaneously beyond the J/C frame of reference. Also simultaneously you start to get away from mere negativism & criticism, moving more towards the development of a positive philosophy in its own right. [All of this was what the C/S went through en route to 1975. And it wasn't serene & smooth, but a very bumpy ride since we didn't know where we were going and couldn't see the road (indeed most of the time there wasn't one).]

Then of course, as just mentioned in another thread here, at all these levels you have the thinkers/doers, the hero-worshippers/imitators, saints, wackos, and knuckle-draggers. The common thread is not so much an intellectual discovery of & commitment to a philosophy or ideology called "Satanism", but rather - what else can I call it? - an "itch" about it which relentlessly demands to be scratched.

The 600C is a higher-level scratch in 2011 CE, and those of you who are still here in 2021 will have continued to personally evolve, and to comprehend and dialogue this thing-called-Satanism at a similarly-more-sophisticated level. That's easy enough to grok.

Down at the Stage 1 level (basic cartoon anti-J/C, Satanic Bible-waving, ASLV fetishism), people will be just as doofus as they are today or in 1966. Some of them will stay there, others will set out along the road that you have, with success commensurate with their interest, dedication, and aptitude.

I would add only that human society as a mass continues to dumb-down because of the progressive destruction and starvation of educational standards and systems. The brightest and most affluent will still be able to become educated (in the precise sense of that term), but most won't. And in the middle we are developing a weird new class of cyborgs: humans who are being conditioned to think like and on computers. There are all sorts of theories about how this will impact traditional concepts of individualism (which is very much akin to that "Satanic itch").

In my Introduction to The Temple of Set, I likened the Church of Satan's first ten years to L. Frank Baum's gump in The Land of Oz. More recently here to the runaway mine carts in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I'd say you're all in for another ten years of that, followed by another ten years, followed by another ... Well, at least you won't be bored!
Michael A. Aquino

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