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#48195 - 02/06/11 09:35 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Dimitri]

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There are a lot of interesting and insightful responses here.
As a satanist and a soldier; self-discipline is doubly a virtue to me. Practice of this self-discipline includes the taming of whatever potentially harmful (to myself or those I love)impulses.
In my wife I have found a person who I can love because she has shown herself to be worthy of love; and of my devotion. The oath I took when I married her is one that I do not take lightly; and to break it in order to satisfy a transient feeling of lust would be failing myself as well as her.
It has been said several times in this thread already; but your word must have substance or else you compromise the integrity of your being.
To betray her would be to betray myself and thus fall woefully short of my own expectations.
My will should be stronger than my appetite.
My love, whether expressed physically or otherwise is exclusive to do otherwise would cheapen it.
For me, loyalty is the source of all other 'virtues'. If I cannot be true to my wife and my children; those people who bring me the greatest joy in life; then I am essentially worthless as a man and as a satanist. To cheat is to be undeserving of either of those labels.
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#48314 - 02/07/11 04:18 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: COINTELPRO]
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This talk of the 'Satanic point of view' is curious. I doubt you've found concensus on this point.

This acquiring of a new viewpoint is called expanding Mind and its noun form is Knowledge. Without it there is no Satanism, for the life of Satanism begins with 'opening of Mind.' Mind may be defined as a looking-into in contradistinction to intellectual and logical understanding. Whatever the definition, expanding Mind means the unfolding of a new world hitherto unperceived in the confusion of one's discriminating intellect. With this remark, there are examples abound to illustrate my statements.

p.s.--You may substitue Setism for Satanism.
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#48317 - 02/07/11 05:39 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Opacus]
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Keep the commitments that you make—so don’t make any commitments you can’t keep. Many friends and family members of my fiancé were clucking about the fact that we had an open relationship, so I asked him, “How would things go if we were exclusive?”

He looked me in the eye and said, “I would cheat on you.” Now that’s honesty.

The most serial cheaters are the ones who are chronically dissatisfied but too chickenshit to speak up. Instead of saying, “Honey, it really bugs me that you never go down on me,” they sneak around and cheat. If you don’t want to be cheated on, find someone that isn’t afraid to be honest with you, and take criticism well.
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#48327 - 02/07/11 07:22 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: XiaoGui17]
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 Originally Posted By: XiaoGui17
Keep the commitments that you make—so don’t make any commitments you can’t keep. Many friends and family members of my fiancé were clucking about the fact that we had an open relationship, so I asked him, “How would things go if we were exclusive?”

He looked me in the eye and said, “I would cheat on you.” Now that’s honesty.

The most serial cheaters are the ones who are chronically dissatisfied but too chickenshit to speak up. Instead of saying, “Honey, it really bugs me that you never go down on me,” they sneak around and cheat. If you don’t want to be cheated on, find someone that isn’t afraid to be honest with you, and take criticism well.

People are too scared to be honest. That is what annoys me the most. I never put a full 100% into a relationship. I have whats called the "60/40" rule. To me it's more of a business. I concentrate more on the sex and other things, rather than actual feeling. It's a waste of time. Nothing is forever. My ex reminded me how weak people actually are. That women can be influenced easily and just made my standing more of a reality for me.
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#48329 - 02/07/11 07:37 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Wulf]
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I dunno. For me it's about the context of the relationship. There was time when I had casual relationships, with no big expectations or commitment. It was fine, suited both our purposes, and caused no hard feelings. It was friendly. But then I got in a serious relationship, and cheating is not something that even exists in this context. In the former, the old days, you could hardly call it cheating, because the relationships were of a different flavor.

Mostly I think one should be honest with oneself, and know who you're taking up with and what you both want out of it.

#48350 - 02/08/11 04:49 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Opacus]
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no, it cannot be stopped, how can you stop the natural way of things or creatures???
there are many reasons this may be a common reocurrance, the reasons are insignifigant though, mainly because you'll never know them. we got to walk our path and sweep from it any distraction(s).

infidelity is natural. to say that it isnt is to say that lust isnt natural, but we know that it is natural, therefore infidelity is natural as it is spawned from lust. furthermore to say that infidelity is wrong is to say that being natural is wrong...
to be natural is to be what you are, is being what you are wrong? if it is then in order to be right you must be something your not, which would make you a pretender, a liar.
if you want an eclusive relationship you wouldnt want someone who dosnt, correct? so dont be with someone who dosnt, leave them behind at the first sign of this conflict of interest. its not infidelity that hurts, its emotion. emotion is a merciless killer. emotion curves the path in front of us, we must learn to act and think without the influence of emotion...its the only reason infidelity is a big topic in the first place.

#48370 - 02/08/11 10:43 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Seth_W]
Opacus Offline

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That sounds pretty good on paper, but the problem with this is (as a few previous posters noted) people just don't KNOW themselves well-enough to be able to say they won't cheat.

If you DO get that it is great, but I'd be willing to bet the MAJORITY of the folks who cheat or got cheated on never thought it would happen.

That's why there used to be sociatal rules to stop it from happening.

Really, the point of this is if you DO know yourself well and you CAN have good impulse control, no one needs to "make you behave".

Of the Satanists I know in real life most of them are like this. They see the world as it really is and a more honest with themsleves and others.

But most people are'nt like that and so we end up with a mess.

Getting back to the buddy of mine who had the problem that really started this thread, it turns out that his ex was just crazy.


#48447 - 02/09/11 06:45 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Opacus]
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true, i cannot deny anything you said. we may know ourselves but we dont know and cannot know how we will react to foreign stimuli...a part of me believes that everyone in this world would cheat under the right circumstances.
its a painful subject...

#48821 - 02/14/11 11:09 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Opacus]
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I don't think you would have the right to decide who deserves something or not, in terms of punishments. As you said, it turns out it is more complicated than it seems. As for infidelity, it is always bad, because you are calling the activity infidelity. If someone sleeps with someone else with or without the knowledge of his/her partner, yet there has been an established open-sexuality conversation between them, than in this case, what appears to be infidelity to an outsider is merely an alternative sexual lifestyle. It is the same as the semantics behind a how to spot a gold digger gold digger, a prostitute, a husband, a wife, heterosexual/homosexual... So i guess you have answered your own question.

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#49356 - 02/22/11 03:28 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Opacus]
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Infidelity is fallacy, why? because if a woman/ man feels the attraction to somebody else then it is so in reality.

What a man must do is certainly not get married and take his female for granted in wretched contentment, sitting in an armchair being an ignorant cunt to his wife because he can just fuck her how he likes when the need suits him because she's his now. Rather, a man ought to try every day to stimulate his female partners sexual attraction/ needs and fulfil those needs for himself and her, to lust for her uninhibited and she will feel this.

Any kind of moral dilemma about who is wrong or right is pointless a woman does not belong to any man, she will stay with him for as long as she is fulfilled and protected, any abuse to a female including ignorance and neglect, unintuitiveness, will have rendered them 'gone' already, mentally, emotionally, physically. Please her and yourself naturally, let the ego die and be together mentally, this is all I can say.

But please bear in mind that it is natural for a female to leave the bad boy type for a provider after bearing child. So you might want to make adjustments to your lifestyle if you want to keep deep sticking your female for years to come.

I have never cheated on a female, why? because I have always been so attracted to the one I am fucking. The one I have chosen to fuck because of uncontrollable attraction. (I am shallow and only go for dark haired 'greek' girls)

I do not choose unsuitable less than females, that would be insane and unnatural.

#49366 - 02/22/11 07:44 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Hegesias]
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My two cents:

To cheat is to lie.
I do not like liars.

A good relationship is grounded on personal growth and intimacy.
Intimacy is (in my book) based on trust.
I do not like those who betray my trust.

Being somewhat of years I have tried several variations of human companionship.
Especially interesting was my little stroll down polygamy, devoting my life simultaneously to three separate partners.
Ended in tears though, all three left me... ;\)

I have always had an interest for the three-some relationship (emotional & sexual), but have never had the opportunity to realize such a situation.
(Mostly down to inbred cultural inhibitions, I presume...)

I eventually took comfort in the traditional man/woman two-some.
Would never cheat on my woman, and I do not believe she would cheat on me.
Neither of us take lightly on dishonesty.
The relationship would be ruined, and I value MY relationship with HER immensely.

If I met with an attraction that was stronger than MY feelings for MY relationship with HER, I would do the honorable thing.
End it...

But then again; can not really see that happening.
Physical & emotional attraction has come to be just two of a multitude of factors from which my "love-life" is constructed.
Age brings on practicality.

A little less love, a little more respect...


Contra Mundum!

#49379 - 02/22/11 02:57 PM On Fidelity and Satanic Mastery [Re: Opacus]
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 Originally Posted By: Opacus
...from a Satanic viewpoint, what do {y'all} think about this?

Fidelity is a matter of integrity. The immature and weak are unwilling or unable to establish a consonance between their expression/agreements, and their actions. It can be chalked up to a lack of personal insight into one's true will initially, but most who break their word more than once are unworthy of any commitment which they sought to secure. I pity or loathe them in like proportion to their willingness to betray, distancing myself from their irresponsible trail of deceived targets.

 Originally Posted By: Opacus
Ways to stop it? SHOULD we stop it? ...unchecked, this type of behavior (infidelity) starts to impinge upon my own life and that of loved ones. So what to do? ...WHY does this keep happening?

The best and most effective way to keep it from happening is to refrain from commitment, but this goes without saying. Typically these strong avowals are an endorsement of security for personal and brood-bringing purposes in a community of looseness without broadbased support for the young or old. For this reason, when I saw this reflected in my own behaviour (apparently inherited from my father's chequered and indisciplined family) I immediately set about adhering only to open relationships. It was a strong dose of maturity for me and led to my decision to obtain a vasectomy. Many others have put their fingers on the influencing factors to breaches of trust here, but primarily Morgan expressed my opinion on the matter: communication, skill at this, and sincere interest in engaging it are what prevent the problems of non-exclusivist interest. Short-sightedness and indiscipline serves to effect the rest of the damages. We should not ignore the generational hurdles of the obliteration of cultural and societal integrity due to slavery, or the blights of disease and warfare upon people.

 Originally Posted By: Opacus
Why did it NOT happen as much in the past?
In some measure it became more apparent with the breakdown of tribal culture and the artificial standards of 'nuclear families'. Religious rules against premarital sex and divorce sought to remediate. Once these softened, and technology enhanced the ability to attain deliberate reproduction (or a cessation thereof), the intelligent have begun to have fewer children. Those unused to the technology or inhibited by religion against it have been strapped with the resource expenditure of continuing to support their brood without the benefit of previous times where more child-workers secured elder generations (due to increasing work and living standards for all). Eventually universal education will become less economically-slanted toward capitalism and overcome religious ignorance, enabling the bulk of humans to live more lengthy, enjoyable lives, less focussed on genetic reproduction and moreso on artistic influence in society. During our transitional period we (and many other species displaced by our hyper-reproductive and inefficiently-consumptive activities) will suffer insofar as we don't understand what technology brings us, how to go about taking advantage of it, and are still conditioned by religious institutions instilling oldstyle operating systems suited for a previous, outmoded time.

 Originally Posted By: Opacus
...even though we ARE NOT "genetically" monogamous almost ALL {societies} had restrictions on "free love". ... EVERYONE ELSE {needs something to make them behave (apparently like morality)}. ...I kept expecting my wife to be wired like me. ...

I think you're mistaking wiring for conditioning, that human beings are capable, through proper deconditioning procedures and self-education (Black Masses!), of joining the 21st century. It helps to place oneself in the proper environment for one's deliberate pursuits. Urban centers with high density of population are far more conducive to open relationships (with proper protections), polyamory, and liberated lifestyles. Rural and insulated environs are more conducive to dedicated relationships of whatever configuration (the dyadic may seem more stable, but trust me, stability may be reached otherwise, and bisexuality increases the likelihood of such stability!).

It's true that the immature and stupid need yoking rules to follow to keep them predictable, and in dense urban environments in combination with disinhibitor ingestion such as alcohol don't be surprised if you encounter unexplainable transgressions, especially in the young. The sad aspect of this is the futile and childish response these incidents, out of jealousy and ignorance mimicking soap operas and the television simpleton characters who make them up, tend to produce. If we were raised to treat, as New Agers and enlightened hippies, technopagans, etc., have done, this as a learning experience, jealousy and simple social modules might be left behind and our species in spots might become more brilliant and full of joy.

That most of us think of these things as wiring rather than internal learned patterns we can use reconditioning methods (carefully, admittedly at times with a tentative and temporary administration of psychoactives) to transcend leads the greater number of us to behave as herds. Stratification which includes Satanism as I know it engulfs the dim in strong rulesets to protect them, alongside opportunities for self-recalibration or self-destruction dependent upon intelligence and proper application of the tools available. So while your wife may not actually be wired in this manner, her conditioning may be such, and her limitations of self-recrafting such, that expecting anything different would be ridiculous and unrealistic.

Pre-planning these things, atrociously absent in the bulk of human beings, is what is really necessary. The advantage of self-understanding makes itself plain at every level of development by our animal selves. Evaluating the predilections of, genetic likelihoods of, and contributing cultural and socioeconomic factors in any given individual is likely going to be immensely helpful in determining compatabilities of loyalty, fidelity, intimacy, and composure. Most of us are provided with heinously insufficient education in this regard, and some good starts on it are treated as prejudicial or bigoted rather than realistic (at times, depending on application, for good reason).

The intelligent (and, we hope, Satanic, but I think this is seriously idealistic and unfounded given the usual way that religion works!) will make an assessment as to what technologies for self-modification are available to them, and craft themselves and their environment (including their lovers, 'families', workmates, etc.) in a managerial and efficient manner so as to result in their overall satisfaction. Those who complain about their lives, and repeatedly do nothing about their plight, may be categorized as whiners and dependents with insufficient will and/or intelligence so as to warrant serious attention (they are of the lesser ranking). They ought to seek a master and submit to them as soon as possible, hire out as a servant to a renaissance person, etc.

The mature Master will take full responsibility for the errors which she might have made in engaging incompatible lovers, partners (business, pleasure, etc.), and make allowances for necessary changes in the relationship, including extending to other family structures, shifting to other locales, self-sterilizing, adapting to changing and unusual circumstances, etc. Some of us are simply not cut out for this level of mastery and responsibility. Expecting that everyone is so capable is unrealistic. Attempting to constrain the opportunities for this level of growth and expertise development within socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, national, and other lines is what inevitably gets in the way of concocting a natural and functional meritocracy.
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#49380 - 02/22/11 03:09 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Woland]
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The objective reality surrounding what is 'intimacy' is very real, if this is happening between more than two consensual adults it is only moral unnaturalness that will be causing the cognitive dissonance. In this we see that that wishful thinking/ soul mate mentality and possessiveness issues disrupt the dependent individuals ego complex. The Narcisism that society demonises is only 'healthy' in societies eyes if we are still in search for our 'other half', to 'make us whole'. We are imposed to cultivate this mental illness from a very early age, monotheist religions are behind the governments regime and the way of all things we are ingrained with by society. To look at your partner as an equal partner who is the stumulus for your intellectual and other mental requirements to stay stimulated, somebody that you are sinister with, 'partners in crime'.

Without an empathic connection you both were never really lovers and so cheating is a moral fallacy. 'Cheating' is a word that describes getting gain at an advantage beyond the 'rules' whilst hiding ones self from those bound by them. Much like the magician who seeks to influence whilst hiding his hands, what is really going on is an illusion to the recipient whilst the objective is met subversively for the magician.

It is down to ones ability to be honest with ones self when choosing a partner, is that empathic link really there or are you holding back and showing them something that is not yourself simply because you feel an infantile need for your 'other/ missing half' and will do whatever is necessary for this contentment..... the naturalistic actuality of things is always the truth. Cheating is moral fallacy for this reason as lovers are lovers and not anything less or otherwise else consigned to one another by anything but love. If one loves one does not need to formalise things. Deception to ones lover is only cheating oneself.

#59511 - 09/26/11 12:06 AM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Hegesias]
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You're suppose to enjoy your life, feel good, have fun, be beautiful, be powerful. What in blazes is all this heartfelt gooeyness about? Nothing is permanent, you enjoy the hell out of it while it lasts. When its over, cherish the memories and move to the next thrill. There is nothing left to enjoy if its done. Unless your masochistic and want to punish yourself. Unless your a tyrant who wants to enslave her and make her love you, which is criminally ludicrous. The path is pleasure, not glutton for punishment. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.
"The superior human leads by example and does not require validation within a menial pecking order."

#59565 - 09/27/11 06:40 PM Re: Thoughts on infidelity? [Re: Red Dragon76]
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Fidelity or infidelity......which ever benefits you more would be the better choice. Some folks have 'open' relationships, some don't. If cheating honestly makes you feel 'good'....nice, if it makes you feel like crap...that sucks.
If you're not getting what you need you're doing something wrong ( for you).
Moral gauges don't mesh well with Satanism....but accepting consequences for your actions does. If you want's yours, if it comes at a price be prepared to pay.

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