I dont know about you guys but i am a survival/horror nut. i do believed i have played almost every survival horror EVER. yes that does include the original uninvited on NES. i have even go so far as to play all the fatal frames that came out in japan in japanese that never made it to the states. i would have to say one of my all time favs was siren until...

amnesia! holy hell! my friend told me about it and then let me borrow it after. FPS style interface with a catch THERE ARE NO WEAPONS! you can do nothing by hide from your attackers and hope to hell they dont find you. meanwhile you can hear your characters heart rate, breathing, and vision deteriote from fear and insanity. the setting is a bit vague and i have not read any spoilers or finished the game yet so i am still a bit confused but if i am correct it is set in prussia in about 1300-1400s before any sort of tech to allow your character to even turn on a light bulb.

you awake in a giant castle/mansion devoid of any human life and in tabula rasa mind set - left to peice back the events that lead you to your current situation.

anyway i dont wanna write a giant book about it, but i honestly its so good i thought any of you who love a good scare would be interested.
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