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#48523 - 02/09/11 08:16 PM Demons
Dusts Offline

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What exactly are " DEMONS"

i know that they are spiritual entities.

how can one become in touch with them and is it dangerous

Could it be possible that a photograph could CAPTURE the presense of a Demon ?

cool photo no ?

#48528 - 02/09/11 09:13 PM Re: Demons [Re: Dusts]
felixgarnet Offline
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Dusts - I suggest you go to the Forum thread for New Members' Introductions and read the rules there.
You are required to post a polite and thorough introduction, explaining your interest and/or allegiance with Satanic philosophy and why you wish to participate here. I fear you will find little interest in photographing demons or manifesting the AntiChrist.
If you have not read the Satanic Bible you can download it here at no cost; this is an invaluable guide to the sort of material and level of discourse you can expect here.
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#48529 - 02/09/11 09:21 PM Re: Demons [Re: felixgarnet]
Dusts Offline

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thanks for the response
#48554 - 02/10/11 09:33 AM Re: Demons [Re: Dusts]
William Wright Offline
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Dusts, there are some theistic Satanists here, but I think you’ll find that the majority (including me) are of the atheistic persuasion and will find your questions rather silly. I suspect that even theistic Satanists will grow annoyed with your questions if you have nothing meaningful to offer regarding your thoughts on those questions.

What exactly do YOU think demons are? Why do YOU think they are real (if you do)? How do YOU think one can come in contact with them? Do YOU think coming into contact with them could be dangerous? If so, do YOU think there could be an upside to contacting them that would be worth exposing yourself to danger?

The photo you display has a weirdly artistic quality to it. Cool? Perhaps. Demon? Highly unlikely. Again, what do YOU think?

#48563 - 02/10/11 11:26 AM Re: Demons [Re: Dusts]
Jason King Offline
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 Originally Posted By: Dusts
i know that they are spiritual entities.

Do you?


As an aside, the Greek "Daemon/Daimon" is best translated into the Latin as "Genius". This indicates the faculty involved, i.e. the SELF.

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way" - Thomas Paine


#48566 - 02/10/11 11:47 AM Re: Demons [Re: William Wright]
myk5 Offline

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hmmmm... Demons.

Often this is what happens to the gods of the faith that has been replaced with the faith of a conquering people; perhaps this is how some Christians have such a hard time distinguishing 'neopagan' from Satan worship.

There exist really old grimoires detailing instructions (often some combination of magic circles, incense and barking passages from the old testament)for raising and controlling demons, often cataloging names, powers and sigils for demons.

Aleister Crowley lends his reputation to the Geotia, the lesser key of Soloman, otherwise a not terribly exceptional really old Grimoire. He worked with it, reported positive results, and theorized that what was happening was actually a psychological process of taming untamed aspects of his OWN consciousness.

Phil Hine, famous in Chaos magic circles and who I credit as writing some of the better books on the subject, he reports his experiences using the Geotia - I remember that he mentioned the spirits didn't care much for improvisation, and that they performed as expected. But it is important to understand this is an entirely subjective experience he's sharing.

In those stories of the possessed and the healing accomplished with Catholic exorcism, there's space for great skepticism. But I believe what is important is the belief as I understand the truth has nothing to do with the utility of a belief. So if the person that is sick can be made to understand it's a 'demon' responsible - if the sick person can be convinced the demon has been eliminated - I feel that's enough to marshal the person's powerful placebo response and manifest a healing. So all that's needed is to convince the subject and everyone else that the demon is real and has been eliminated.

As a chaos magician I do play with the idea of human being manifesting thought forms, which is an independent 'spiritual' entity manufactured from imagination. If that premise is true, then Gods and demons may be real to the extent they have been believed now or in the past. And there's this hypothetical collective unconscious that make it all relevant. That's how I found myself playing with runes, and incorporated into sigils I can't suggest I've had no success.

If you believe in demons enough to ask about them, perhaps you should try working with them! Let us know how it turns out!

And yes, many Satanists identify as Atheists and think it silly to believe in demons that aren't human.

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#48573 - 02/10/11 01:47 PM Re: Demons [Re: myk5]
mabon2010 Offline

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It depends how one defines demons. There are two lines that I am prepared to consider:

Ouija Boards - whatever those ouija boards unleash could be said to be demonic.

Poltergeists - I regard these as demonic. Within 5 minutes walk I have two near me:

1. A poltergeist chased a family out of their home, I am still trying to identify which house that was in my road.

2. Local police station has one in their kitchen. But if you dig up 700 bodies in a graveyard to stick a police station on top you are bound to get some sort of trouble.
Monadic Luciferianism is a philosophy of life centered on self.

#48581 - 02/10/11 05:48 PM Re: Demons [Re: Jason King]
StarlessAeon Offline

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I recall that the Greek word "daimon" originally meant "guardian spirit". During the Middle Ages, this was changed by the Christians to "demon" representing an evil entity, or a spirit in league with the Devil.
#48588 - 02/10/11 08:46 PM Re: Demons [Re: StarlessAeon]
Morgan Offline

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"Ouija Boards - whatever those ouija boards unleash could be said to be demonic."

I didn't realize Parker Brothers was in the demon business? Do they have to insert a demon in every board? I mean they must mass produce a million or more of theses a year. Wouldn't hell run out of demons after a while? Would Satan get a cut from the sales if he supplies Parker Brothers with all those demons?

"Poltergeists - I regard these as demonic. Within 5 minutes walk I have two near me"

Any documentation, or is based on hearsay and folk tales?

Oh, and to the opening poster, nice photoshopped image of yourself.

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#48591 - 02/10/11 09:05 PM Re: Demons [Re: Dusts]

Believing in demons is good clean spooky fun.

When I was a kid I used to use a Quija board with my friends. We used to call it a weejee board (because we had no idea) and we used to try to contact spirits and demons and all sorts of things.

We of course never did contact any spirits or demons. The kid down the road was rigging the whole thing for his own fun and why not, if you can con the rubes for your own amusement then you should do so.

I do like revelling in spooky fun though, but don't take it too seriously.

#48595 - 02/10/11 09:35 PM Re: Demons [Re: ]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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 Originally Posted By: MatthewJ1
When I was a kid I used to use a Ouija board with my friends ...

There is actually a very interesting and elaborate "online museum" about Ouija Boards here.
Michael A. Aquino

#48596 - 02/10/11 09:41 PM Re: Demons [Re: Michael A.Aquino]

Yes, I think I have seen that one before Dr., or one like it.

Some of them are quite beautiful, particularly the old ones.

It reminds me of that period of time in the late 19th and early 20th century America and England, when people were into spiritualism. There is a whole rather wonderful aesthetic behind it all.

As an interesting side thing: apparently Australia's second prime minister Alfred Deakin, who was possibly our greatest prime minister was a rather avid spiritualist. I am not sure if he was into Quija though.

#48597 - 02/10/11 09:53 PM Re: Demons [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
Jake999 Offline
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 Originally Posted By: Michael A.Aquino

There is actually a very interesting and elaborate "online museum" about Ouija Boards here.

I used the Fuld design hooded figure on my 150 year old "oblong box" type casket in the Melek Taus Chapel as part of the Altar.

Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#48601 - 02/10/11 10:33 PM Re: Demons [Re: Jake999]

(My apologies, I have just realised, after reading the Dr’s and Morg’s posts, that I have misspelt Ouija – it is a yesyes board after all.)

Thanks for sharing the picture Jake.

I am often surprised by the sorts of objects people can use in their ritual activities and the effort they go through to acquire them.

I think the types of objects people choose for their ritualising reflect an interest in particular historical periods and the aesthetic tastes of a time.

To get lost in time, to entirely dwell with that which has been evoked.

I like the Time Machine of Wells, and the world of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as well.

#48602 - 02/10/11 10:44 PM Re: Demons [Re: StarlessAeon]
Oxus Offline

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Ancient Greek δαίμων daimōn is a word for "spirit" or "divine power", much like the Latin genius or numen. The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the etymology of the Greek word as from the verb daiesthai "to divide, distribute." The Greek conception of a δαίμων notably appears in the works of Plato, where it describes the divine inspiration of Socrates. To distinguish the classical Greek concept from its later Christian interpretation, it is usually anglicized as either daemon or daimon rather than demon.

The Greek term does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence. In fact, εὐδαιμονία, literally "good-spiritedness", is a term for "happiness".

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