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#48604 - 02/10/11 11:05 PM Re: Demons [Re: ]
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 Originally Posted By: MatthewJ1
I am often surprised by the sorts of objects people can use in their ritual activities and the effort they go through to acquire them.

As a kid I got pretty good results with Mattel's Magic 8-Ball, which is still around to answer all your questions today; you can try it out here. It left its mark on oracular history with its famous but unhelpful response: REPLY HAZY - ASK AGAIN LATER.
Michael A. Aquino

#48605 - 02/10/11 11:32 PM Re: Demons [Re: Michael A.Aquino]

Hmmm, yes this thing may be a bit dodgy Dr.

I used the thing and asked a few questiona, including the below questions and got the below answers:

1. Question: will I win $10,000,000 tonight? Answer: yes
2. Question: are there demons? Answer: yes
3. Question: am I alive? Answer: no

I am now more confused than ever. (is this its devilish purpose?)

#48608 - 02/11/11 12:04 AM Re: Demons [Re: ]
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Well think.

what is money REALLY? Notes representing something else, right? What do they represent? National debt really, right? It's not like we're on the gold standard.... So if you win the value of $10,000,00 - what do you actually have that's real?

Let's skip question 2 as self evident...

Are you alive? Remember the classic 'brain a vat' conundrum - you can't know for certain you're not a brain in a vat being fed artificial impressions suggesting the 'life' you're living. It's also possible to conceive of what we imagine to be life as a dream or something less than real compared to something else more real (there are religious moralists using this argument to validate the concept of a good almighty power).

I know not perfect, but I tried....

#48636 - 02/11/11 08:50 AM Re: Demons [Re: myk5]
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$10,000,00 - what do you actually have that's real?

I have 10,000 credits from a society of individuals who are in agreement to accept those credits for services that I may wish to obtain from them in exchange for said credits.

I can even take those 10,000 credits and exchange them for something more tangible such as silver, gold, or platinum by going to a person who deals in precious metals.
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#52891 - 04/13/11 10:23 PM Re: Demons [Re: myk5]
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hey this is a good post

Look guys

i am seriously here

i am .


the balls

out - of - my - eye- sockets.

it is like i dont know how to mention

do u remember that STUPID old school way of thinking , - the demon put it in my head it was the demons fault not my fault etc ?? -



wake up little satanists!!!!!!!!!!

it is TRUE.


My theory :

Humans communicate in various form , the secret of opening the subconcious channels is silence : do U know those uncorfotably silecnes ??? with a stranger ? or in a date ??

Most of the time when this happens i believe an interaction in the sub , darker parts of the lymbic system take place ! and the ppl will either have similar thoughts about each other or will start reading each otheers brain . This can be called PARANOIA but it can be also a very very true case.

lets not talk about Demons , lets talk about Black white and the forces of the magnetic impulses the brain sends.

the law of attraction , and the hypothesis of AFTERLIFE or telepathy

i dont know how to continue at the moment but i will another day ,

PS: moderator operator pls dont lock my post again.

u locked the false prophet , i know that u feel super cool that u can do it but ppl can be very serious in Joke forms thanksx.

Dust is getting a time out to get his shit together... Morgan

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