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#48724 - 02/12/11 02:14 AM Satanism: A game for Role Players?
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This past week I had the chance to actually sit down and talk with someone who claimed to worship Satan. I believed them when they said that they are Satanic, but worshiped a deity. I challenged them on this belief, and that sparked an argument, one of which, I was happy to oblige. I had fun taking their foundations apart, and replaced them with Luciferianism. In the end, they switched over, and I had someone to teach again.

Anyways, just yesterday, I found out that they had become a "Born Again Christian," which really did hurt. When I asked them, they said that they had fun playing as a Satanist, then playing as a Lucifer. Imagine how shocked I was when they said this. Imagine how much it hurt to see all that knowledge and time I spent with them go to waste. Needless to say, I was enraged. No, I did not take a hammer to their knee caps, but the temptation to do so was enormous.

Anyone else found people like this?
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#48726 - 02/12/11 03:18 AM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Pheonix666]
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I don’t necessarily subscribe to the assertion myself, but the long-established statement, “Satanists are born, not made” comes to mind now. The situation and person you described might tend to back that maxim up.

It reads as if you were able to “switch” this person from their notion of Satanism to Luciferianism in just one sitting. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have been surprised in the least that they then reverted back to their christianity within the span of a week.

I’ve never tried to change a person’s religious convictions, and so have never encountered someone as you’ve described. If anything, I’ve always tended to be the most skeptical, at least initially, towards those few people I’ve met claiming to be Satanists, of whatever stripe. I can easily believe most christians are “sincere” in their faith, and will almost always maintain their religious affiliation throughout their lives. But with the resurgence of sociopolitical conservatism in the United States at the start of the 1980s, followed by the “Satanic panic” lasting into the start of the ‘90s, Satanism seemed to be scorned and feared enough by most segments of American society to dissuade most “Satanists” from maintaining any long-lasting dedication to the Left Hand Path during that period. And by the end of the 90s, and certainly now, “Satanism” has become such a kitsch, co-opted standard of pop culture most claimants seem to be young fashion and internet Satanists who shortly grow out of their sinister dabblings.

So again -- with this in mind, I certainly wouldn’t be angered or disappointed should some acquaintance previously claiming Left Hand Path allegiance show up soon after with their RHP convictions restored.

#48734 - 02/12/11 10:14 AM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Pheonix666]
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 Originally Posted By: Pheonix666
Anyone else found people like this?

I have seen many so-called "Satanists" fall by just such a wayside. The problem is that "Satanism" tends to be defined as a purely reactionary worldview. As such, it usually leads either to Atheism proper or a return to The Cross. What these people fail to grasp is the ontological adversity inherent in the structure of our phenomenal world. Once one "gets" that, they will be a Satanist, without quote marks, and incapable of deconversion.


#48751 - 02/12/11 02:53 PM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Jason King]
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@ Pheonix666

There is a reason why Satanists and Luciferians are in the minority to the organised religions as those who follow religions like Christianity follow like mindless zombies with no understanding of what they are following. Teaching the majority of these people the Luciferian way is like trying to teach a sheep to speak Spanish, it won't happen and is a waste of life trying.
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#48767 - 02/12/11 10:30 PM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Pheonix666]
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 Originally Posted By: Pheonix666
Anyone else found people like this?

I've seen them, yes. I haven't bothered trying to inform them; someone with such a fundamental misunderstanding Satanism is impossible to educate and/or bound to leave soon.

There are a lot of christians who say, "I used to be a satanist, but now I've found god!" It gives them credibility among other christians (who consider them experts on Satanism), and I imagine they think it will give them credibility among Satanists. (Obviously, it doesn't.) I usually encountered them after their weekend as a "satanist," but one I saw as she tried on Satanism for all of 48 hours before she rediscovered jesus.

The moral of the story is that anyone who has to be educated, persuaded, converted, or corrected isn't worth the time it takes to do it. A Satanist who deserves to be called such won't need such guidance.
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#48771 - 02/13/11 12:56 AM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Pheonix666]
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Ironically, this suggests that they're only "playing" as a Christian.

Many people flit about from religion to religion because they have no philosophical or ideological foundation. Consequently, they are usually incapable of critical thought, easily attracted to whatever system looks the most appealing at the moment. "Worshiping" Satan is a rather shallow approach to the LHP, because it requires no real challenge or Sinister development-- merely that one switch their boring old mode of worship from a white god to a black one.

I wouldn't have been that surprised at his turnaround, if you had managed to persuade him over to your perspective in under a week... Either you're an amazing guru, or he just has weak critical faculties.

I don't quote TSB often, but the verse "He that is slow to understand anything and everything is of great understanding" is rather relevant at the moment.
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#48784 - 02/13/11 12:04 PM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: Pheonix666]
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You were "hurt" by the fact that someone was only playing at being a Satanist? LMFAO!

If you didn't waste time with convert seeking such a thing wouldn't be a problem.
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#48826 - 02/14/11 01:13 PM Re: Satanism: A game for Role Players? [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Ah yes 6 this is where my head was also. Amusing isn’t it…

I wonder if it was a damn I’m stupid I fucked up kind of hurt, or a Mary Sue said no to you asking her out to the prom hurt?

Also humorous is the fact that he chose to waste time on an ingrate and expected better results. There seems to be little recognition it was his personal failure and waste of time not his students. Makes me wonder though it matters little, is this the “Lucferian” way to lash out at others for personal ignorance and failure?

 Originally Posted By: Pheonix666
Anyone else found people like this?

I have seen many people like you. The majorities like to push their beliefs on others needing to spread the word of their faith instead of calmly walking their own path.

You might ask yourself why do you so like to teach and feel the need to actively recruit others to your belief? What is this need that so steers your path?

What I see here is you fluffed your ego and had it deflate as quickly. You then come here wearing your weakness and failure like an overcoat expecting what sympathy, understanding?

Carry on

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